Stimulus Check 4th Update November 2021 - MONTHLY CHECK - JUST DID IT

 Stimulus Check 4th Update November 2021 - MONTHLY CHECK - JUST DID IT.

So following the recent inflation report, Vice President Kamala Harris was asked, Is all this inflation really a big deal for Americans at home who are feeling the economic pinch?

When do you expect they can expect to feel relief? You mentioned Christmas in your remarks will just be the most expensive Christmas in history, after the most expensive Thanksgiving industry. And then on one of the provisions in the Build back better they'll pay family leads. Here in France, women are offered 16 weeks of paid maternity leave. Fathers are often 28 days. Is it frustrating to you that the US can't secure the same for American parents? And why is the family leave not a red line in this package for this administration?

So on the inflation piece, as I said earlier, fully appreciate the significance of things costing more. It's a big deal. It's a big deal. And so we are doing what we can be making it probably one of our highest priorities. I talked to the President about it often one of our highest priorities. We need to bring costs down for the American people and in particular for working people and working families. And again, I'll go back to my previous point. That is why we have been pushing so hard since the beginning for Build Back better because it is absolutely and almost uniquely designed to do just that to make it easier for people to live.

And for most Americans, making it easier for them to live means bringing the cost of living down, especially for essential services. On the piece Harris made.

That inflation is, yes, a very big deal and that it is a priority for the administration. She also says the Billback better plan was designed to make it easier for Americans to live. To do this, she argues and means to bring the cost of living down. So to help with raising children, for example, that's why they wanted to give parents with children $$250 to $300 each month for a child.


So one recent statistic is that one and every four Americans have experienced some type of income loss as a result of higher prices. The White House press Secretary, Jim Musaki, answers how urgent it is for the Biden administration to get this solved.

Okay. Just a quick one on the economy on inflation. So one in four Americans to a new survey have experienced some kind of loss of income as a result of higher prices. The President has expressed concern about this. I know that you were working on different fronts. How urgent is it? And is there any sort of specific concern that this is going to affect not just political outcomes, but just the overall economy?


Well, Andrea, first, let me say that a lot of talk about inflation. I'm not saying from you, but in general, out there has been it's become a political cudgel, and it shouldn't be. It's impacting. As you said, millions of Americans, no matter their political party, and that's certainly of concern to the President. I would note that everyone from the Federal Reserve to Wall Street agreed with our assessment that inflation is already expected to substantially decelerate next year. I know you're not talking about that, but that's an important component here.

Economists across the board also agree that the president's economic agenda, the bipartisan infrastructure bill that he will sign on Monday, and the Build Back better bill that we are working to move forward will not add to inflationary pressure and will ease inflationary pressure over the long term. But when we move past the economic jargon, which I realize is what you're asking me and talked about the real impacts on people's lives, we're really talking about the cost to people. You talked about this on Wednesday, so it's cost of childcare cost of housing, cost of gas, cost of household goods.

That's how people are experiencing this on a day-to-day basis. And that is, of course, a concern to the President. Our view is that the real risk here is in action. And the reason I wanted to do this slide today when I love slides and graphics on my first day back, we had to have one, but it's because if we don't act on Build Back better, what we're doing is we won't be able to cut child care costs in 2020. We know that is a huge impact on people's daily lives in American families.

We won't be able to make preschool free for many families starting in 2022, saving many families $8,600. We won't be able to get ahead of skyrocketing housing costs. I mean, that's a part of this bill, too, has a major investment in building new housing, affordable housing units so that people can move into them and live in them and address the pending housing crisis. And we won't be able to save Americans thousands of dollars by negotiating prescription drugs crisis. So our view is this makes a strong case.

This is a strong case for moving forward with this agenda, because what we're really talking about is cost to American families, how it's impacting them. And that's something that if we don't act now, we won't be able to address these things in the short term item.

Saki says inflation shouldn't be made political and that inflation is supposed to be reduced by next year. So not much of concern for Saki, but they're really trying to drive the cost for people down, whether that be for child care or whatever else. Their view is, they need to pass the Build Back Better Act, which in their mind, will drive the cost down for families. The leader of the House Progressive Caucus, Primila Jayapal, had a pretty similar answer to Saki and Harris. When asked about the immediate solution to inflation.

She said the best solution would be to help families cut their cost in Congresswoman.

Let me start there. Joe Manchin's, referring to this current inflation issue as an inflation tax, what do you see? And what do you tell your constituents? Because on one hand, wages are up, and the other hand, cost of living is up.

Well, Chuck, that's exactly right.

I mean, that is what we're hearing from my constituents.

They're not talking about inflation, by the way, they're talking about.

Hey, I don't have enough money in my budget to pay for the things I need to pay for. And the reason I say it that way is because it's really important to understand that if you're on a fixed budget, as many people are as I have been in my life, then what you're always trying to do is balance what you have to spend with what you have in that budget, the way that we can fix that immediately while the supply chain issues are being worked out while the economy recovers from COVID, and the worst economic downturn we've seen in recent history is we can actually help families cut their costs.

How do we do that?

We pass the Build Back better at. We cut childcare costs in half by assuring that no family is going to pay more than 7%. We ensure that prepaid is provided for three and four year olds. We cut the cost of pharmaceutical drugs so that people can actually pay less for their health care. Those are the things that are going to immediately affect people's pocketbooks. And that is why it is so important to pass the Build Back Better Act.

Which I think.

Is actually going to help people survive through this time of recovery. Let's be clear it is going to take time to recover. We knew that we have made tremendous progress on COVID, but my families are telling me.

Look, I still don't have child care.

My kids are just starting to get vaccinated and go back to school. That's the uncertainty that families are living with and we have to respond by cutting their costs, which is exactly what we do in Build Back better.

Giant Paul says it's incredibly important to pass the Build Back Better Act because it will help people survive through this time of recovery. Of course, Joe Mansion argues that the Billback Bidder Act will only make things worse even if parents are receiving these monthly payments. Mitch argues soon enough, the $300 monthly payments won't pay for much at all. The same thing that costs $300 for now, just as an example may end up costing $400 in the near future. One of the measures progressive Democrats and the Biden administration wanted to be in the bill, but now won't be is paid family and medical leave.

Even though House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reinserted the measure into the bill recently, it won't stand in the chance actually passing because once it reaches. 

the senate to a mansion will make sure it's once again stripped from the package here is kamala harris discussing her frustrations on not getting paid family leave into the buildback better plans on the piece about paid family leave yes it's frustrating it's something I've been advocating for years as the president and it was in our initial proposal and in terms of what we believe will actually address again a topic of conversation the topic of conversation on the main stage yesterday inequities the inequality of systems and structures um we know that this is an issue that disproportionately affects women and working women we know that in the united states and i and I know around the world we have seen working women because of the pandemic leave the workforce at the rate in the united states the most recent number i saw somewhere around 2 million women have left the workforce.

and let's be clear about this an issue that impacts working women not only directly impacts the economy of their household it impacts the economy of our whole society when you lift up the economic status of women you necessarily lift up the economic status of families and all of society benefits so yes i'm frustrated and it is i think a shame that we are not yet a leader on this we have work to do and that is why the president and i are committed to doing this work it's important and it matters and again i'll go back to my previous point you know there are those of us who've been fighting for this for a long time and there are many more who perhaps kind of heard about it but really saw it during pantomime i mean most recently i had the tv on but i was doing some that has been a briefing i think so i was doing something else i didn't hear but it was an image of somebody doing a zoom and their their one child came in and then the toddler came in after that and then somebody came in and grabbed the two kids and then yesterday we saw a different example of that but yeah it's a big issue so hero says that we have a lot of work to do as a country to ensure families get paid time off to care for ill family members or to care for a new child okay so on monday it is expected that joe biden will finally sign the infrastructure bill into law in a statement the administration said that he will be joined by several members of congress who helped pass the package although one senator not joining them despite counting the bill to his home state will be mitch mcconnell in a statement mcconnell said he had better things to do in the bill just as a refresher 550 billion dollars is dedicated for transportation utilities.

and broadband then it also invests 110 billion dollars in the roads bridges and other major projects 66 billion dollars goes towards passenger and freight rail and finally 39 billion dollars is going into public transit cnbc also reports that 65 billion dollars in total will go towards expanding broadband access and 55 billion will go into water systems including lead pipe replacements also on monday we can't expect the house to return to washington where they'll look to pass the buildback better plan by the end of the week the house will hold votes on various pieces of legislation on monday through thursday then on friday they'll go home early for their thanksgiving break and have the entire week after off as well so pretty much if the progressive democrats want to vote on the buildback better act by next week as promised they would by nancy pelosi they'll need to hold a vote at latest by thursday if moderates don't receive the full score from the congressional budget office it's likely we won't see a vote until after thanksgiving so big week ahead and even if the house does pass the bill back better bill it'll see drastic changes take place in the senate where mansion has opposition to many aspects of the house bill at this point it would be a huge accomplishment for democratic leaders to pass the bill before the end of this year and as i mentioned before with the recent inflation report more than likely we won't see that happening 

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