If you don’t pay attention to these details before parking in winter, the car will be easily injured. Novice drivers should check it out

If you don’t pay attention to these details before parking in winter, the car will be easily injured. Novice drivers should check it out

Recently, the temperature across the country has dropped again and again, and snow has begun to fall in many places in the north. It is too cold. After work every day, I just want to go home quickly to keep warm. The cold weather is actually a problem for our car. The test, the car can be parked in the garage is better, but there are still some friends whose parking environment is not so good, they can only park in the open-air parking lot. Today, brother Miao will tell you some places we should pay attention to before parking in winter.

The first point is to try to park the car on a flat road and not on some slopes. In icy and snowy weather, it is very likely that you will be frozen overnight. When you need to use the car the next day, it will be a bit embarrassing to find that you can’t get up or down because you are frozen. In addition, when parking on a flat road, you also need to pay attention to whether there is water on the road, otherwise the tires will be frozen, and if you do not pay attention when starting, the tires will be easily damaged.

The second point, do not stop under the tree in rainy and snowy weather. I often see news that in the north because of heavy snow, the branches broken by the snow smashed the car. If you have bought car damage insurance, you can still go to the insurance company. If you don’t buy it, you can only bear it yourself. In addition, in low temperature weather, the snow water on the trees can easily turn into ice cubes or icicles. When they fall from the trees, they just hit your car, and it is possible to dent the car. In addition, the sharp icicles are harmful to the paint of the car. It is also easy to get scratched.

The third point, remember to turn off the automatic folding function of the rearview mirror on the car before parking. The rearview mirror with automatic folding function must be adjusted to manual mode, because there is a lot of water left in rainy and snowy weather, it is easy to freeze when the temperature is low, and it is frozen. When you start the car the next day, the rear view The motor of the mirror will start automatically, if it is forced to start, the motor will be burned out easily.

The fourth point, remember to turn off the wiper before parking and then turn off the engine is also a small detail, especially when there is still a little rain or drizzle when you come back, the wiper has been working. The glass is frozen, as soon as you start the car, the wiper will automatically start to work, the wiper is frozen and cannot work, but the motor is still working, in order to avoid unnecessary losses, turn off the wiper and then turn off the engine.

Fifth point, don’t forget to turn off the air conditioner before parking and turning off the engine. The battery is also afraid of the cold in winter, and its performance is not as good as in other seasons. When starting, the temperature has not yet come up. If the air conditioner is started directly, it will increase its load, especially the performance of the battery itself is not very good, which will cause serious battery loss, and the car will not even start.

There are still some differences between car use in winter and car use in other seasons. The environment in winter itself is more harsh, so we should pay more attention to it. For some inexperienced drivers, they may overlook some small details. caused some damage. I hope that through Brother Miao’s explanation, I can give myself a precaution in advance.

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