Brendan Fraser cried when he was being cheered on by fans And he definitely deserves it because Hollywood screwed him over

as playing with Brendan Fraser had a blacklist against him in Hollywood after he came out saying he was a victim of sexual assault

Resent the early 2000s, he was assaulted by the former head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Philip Berk 

and making it worse Very few people believed Brendan Fraser initially

Many people said there was no way Philip Berk could do that to him, but at the time, he looked like this and they made fun of him for the accusation

And people only took the claim seriously after more accusers came out against Philip Berk

Brendan Fraser also developed bad physical health after the filming of Mummy 3

where after the injury, he had to have a lamb anatomy done in the spine and from that couldn't work for several years and that's why he gained so much weight

And he also suffered financially in the process, where after a bitter divorce, he had to pay $900,000 a year in alimony and child support to his ex wife

His wife wouldn't accept reduced payments when he's wasn't working or else he wouldn't be able to see his children

Now things are changing for Brendan Fraser with his new movie will get a critical acclaim of many people believing he could win an Oscar

and cried tears of joy when he was given a six minute standing ovation at the premiere, which is truly deserved.