Britney Spears fat shames Christina Aguilera

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera have been friends for over 30 years, but it looks like it's come to an end with Britney just called Christina fat. 

And despite how they've known each other for so long, they've been friends since the early 1990s where they met working on the Mickey Mouse Club

which the Mickey Mouse Club actually has one of the biggest celebrity alumni's in Hollywood with many stars like Ryan Gosling getting their start there

And Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears were friends for 30 years doing mini concerts together as well as carpool karaoke

But they hit a rough patch in 2021 when Christina Aguilera was asked her opinions on the free Britney law student who didn't answer

and Britney Spears called her out forth saying she felt betrayed by Christina's not answer

And Britney Spears was definitely bitter about it when she posted this Instagram story which was a Romney dangerfield quote about how fat people look thin

And this was an accusation against Christina Aguilera claiming she uses heavier background answers to make herself look thin

And then Britney Spears in a post mentioned how this is all about her conservatorship and how she's still angry Christina didn't support her.

This all happened right after Britney Spears and how she was retired from music 

and she wanted to stop doing concerts 15 years ago, but her dad forced her in her conservatorship

which that's fine, but Christina thing is very immature