Peyton List worried about age gap

Peyton returned for Cobra Kai season five, but she said as the show continues, she's worried about the age gap

Peyton has this worried because the show's been going on for four years now, beginning in 2018

Peyton, her co stars, are playing high school students, were throughout the five seasons, only 18 months has got behind the show

This is a huge issue because most of the cast was high school age, who was showing yet, but now most of them are old enough to have graduated college

And Peyton said most of the main cast are not even aware of how old their characters are supposed to be, what grade they're in. 

This might not be a big deal for the Karate Kid franchise, with example being Thomas Ian Griffith who plays Terry Silver, is actually one year younger than Ralph Macchio. 

But despite that, he's playing a character which is supposed to be ten to 20 years older than Ralph Macchio's character

There's also Ralph Macchio himself, who was 23 years old when the first Karate Kid came out, was playing a 17 year old

A Karate Kid 3 came out Ralph Macchio was 28 years old, playing an 18 year old

The other advantage to Cobra Kai film Fast, made in five seasons in four years, with season four and five only having a nine month gap

It is much different than a show like Stranger Things, which has made four seasons in a period of six years