William Zabka attempted making Karate Kid 5

William Zabka returned for Cobra Kai season five, but he's had some bumps along the way, like the time Karate Kid Five was cancelled on him

Explaining this, William Zabka, the mid 2000s, tried to make a Karate Kid 5 with him as the lead actor

And the idea for the movie came from none other than Mr. Miyagi himself, Pat Morita

where Pat Morita pitched the idea that Williams after returns as Johnny Lawrence, who's now a doctor going through a rough divorce

He meets Mr. Miyagi again for the first time in 20 years, moving in with him and helping him recover

And the story would involve Johnny Lawrence having a son Mr. Miyagi teaches karate to

but Sadly, the movie never ended up getting made because Pat Marita unfortunately passed away in 2005

It wasn't the only Karate Kid movie that didn't happen where Ralph Macchio in the 2000 and kitchen Karate Kid crossover movie

the idea was it was going to be a crossover of Karate Kid and Rocky with Sylvester Stallone returning and Martin Kove playing the villain

And Rocky's son Milo Ventimiglia, would be the main character. Both Rocky and Daniel rose and teach him how to fight. 

But the idea never happened where Ralph Macchio said that while it sounded fun, it sounded like one of the stupidest ideas he ever heard of

So while those ideas are interesting, I think we got the best situation here