Dwayne Johnson thanks Brendan Fraser

Dwayne Johnson came out praising Brendan Fraser, saying he wouldn't have his career without him

explaining this Dwayne Johnson only began acting in the late 1990s, playing a fictionalized version of his father on that 70s Show

but he was having a tough time breaking into the movie industry because there was a stigma against wrestlers that they can only do goofy roles like Hulk Hogan

His first movie ever was 2001 The Mummy Returns, playing The Scorpion King

And despite him being a star in the wrestling world, the studio didn't originally want him to do the role

They thought he was too muscular and also thought the idea of The Rock being in the movie would be taken as a joke

It was actually Brendan Fraser who was a big part of Dwayne Johnson being in the movie, where he pushed the directors to cast him for the role.

While Dwayne Johnson only had a cameo in The Mummy Returns that led to him getting in a prequel movie a Year later called The Scorpion King,

which was Dwayne Johnson's first leading role in a movie and it made him $5.5 million personally

But sadly, Brendan Fraser hasn't had the same success as Dwayne Johnson recently offered personally, financially and physically. 

Now he's on the opposing where he's deemed praise for his new movie The Whale and might get nominated for an Oscar.

Dwayne Johnson went to Twitter to thank Brendan Fraser, also congratulate him on the comeback