Halle Bailey turned white

Halle Bailey was turned white. And this is just as disgusting as it sounds

And Halle Bailey has not had positive reception to her live action Little Mermaid trailer with 1.5 million dislikes on YouTube

And because of this, a Twitter user did something incredibly cool which was to use artificial intelligence to make her look like a white girl. 

Actually inspired from the 2019 Lion King movie where people didn't like the designs to the lions.

Lions to do something very cool, which is to use artificial intelligence defects to make them look more like the lions from the original movie

This is nothing like that where the Twitter user was banned very quickly after for racially charged content. 

And it gets even crazy where actress Halle Berry is getting threats online as well as hate mail. 

Even though she has no involvement in the Little Mermaid movie, many people are mistaken for Halle Bailey because she has a similar name to a more well known actress. 

Halle Baily did respond to this on a positive tweet she received where she said she was excited to see Halle Bailey perform. 

But there are some podcasts impressed where videos are going viral with young black girls saying how they support the decision of a black Little Mermaid.

And Halle Bailey hasn't commented on the deep fake of the negative press that is dead Focus on these videos.