Jennifer Lawrence complains about pay gap

Jennifer Lawrence was one of the highest paid actresses of all time. But she just came out complaining about the pay gap between women and men in Hollywood

How this begins with Jennifer Lawrence was paid $5 million for the movie Don't Look Up

That was half as much money as what Leonardo DiCaprio was paid for the movie who made $10 million. 

But Jennifer Lawrence did come out to sending Leonard DiCaprio saying she believes he deserves to be paying more.

And Jennifer Lawrence says because she took several years off from acting, while Leonardo DiCaprio never stops making movies

Then Jennifer Lawrence came out saying there is a problem where she believes actresses are paid much less than actors

Which is correct, When you look at the list of the highest paid actors, they average a salary of $58.8 million

2019 highest-paid actors  1. Dwayne Johnson-89.4m  2. Chris Hemsworth-76.4m  3. Robert Downey Jr-66m  4. Akshay Kumar-65m 5. Jackie Chan-58m  6. Bradley Cooper-57m  7. Adam Sandler-57m  8. Chris Evans-43m  9. Paul Rudd-41m  10. Will Smith-35m 58.8 million average

The top ten actresses are paid noticeably less with an average of 31.5 million

2019 highest-paid actresses 1. Scarlett Johansson-56m  2. Sofia Vergara-43m  3. Reese Witherspoon-35m  4. Nicole Kidman-34m  5. Jennifer Anniston-28m  6. Kaley Cuoco-25m  7. Elisabeth Moss-24m  8. Margot Robbie-23.5m  9. Charlize Theron-23m  10. Ellen Pompeo-22m 31.5 million average

While this might look bad, there are some reasons for this. Which is one being that actors are more likely to be cast in action movies

If you look at the highest grossing movies of 2019, the live action films are mainly action from movies with male leads.

2019 highest grossing movies 1. Avengers Endgame-2.8b  2. Lion King-1.6b  3. Frozen 2-1.4b  4. Spider-Man-1.13b  5. Captain Marvel-1.12b  6. Joker-1b  7. Star Wars 9-1b  8. Toy Story 4-1b  9. Aladdin-1b  10. Jumanji 2-800m

It's also aged with the highest grossing actors average in age of 51 years old

But the actresses are notably younger than average age of 44 When they do lose some Leverage

So Jennifer Lawrence is correct. There is more to the story with that