King Charles called unworthy

British Charles is now officially The King of the United Kingdom But many people are Saying he's unworthy of the throne

And Charles was the longest serving heir In all of history when he was only four years old, when his mother became queen and served as heir for 70 years

We had a big problem early on Where, when he was 19, he was told he couldn't marry Camilla Shand

Was even though Camilla came from A wealthy family, she wasn't seen as having a worthy pedigree for a prince

And there was also the issue that there's a strong rumor That Camilla wasn't a version, and Queen Elizabeth wants her son to marry someone who was

So Charles ended Up marrying Diana Spencer, who was seen from a much more worthy family

There was also a factor that she was related to Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who was a great friend of Queen Elizabeth

While the public loved Diana, she didn't Get along with Charles And both of them cheated on each other

And then, in 1096 They had a tabloid filled divorce and in 1997, Diana sadly passed away in a car accident

While this was going Camilla divorced her husband, Andrew Parker Bowles

and in 2005 After 40 years of being in love, the couple finally got married

Because of this, many people don't want Charles to be King, instead Wanting to give the title to his son William

But that's not going to happen so meet the new king Queen