King Charles inherits 42 billion pounds

Prince Charles is now the King of the United Kingdom. With that, he inherited 42 billion pound

which Charles was wealthy before this, whereas Prince he had a net worth of $100 million.

This is because with his mother, Queen Elizabeth's, passing away, he's now the sole heir to the Crown Estate,

which the Crown Estate is a combination of land, bonds and other assets that was founded for the Royal family in 1960 by King George III.

And it's one of the largest land holdings in the world, with 263,000 acres of land just in the United Kingdom.

 But there are some rules to land because the Royal family has a joint ownership with the United Kingdom and they're not legally able to sell any of the properties.

In fact, they don't even keep the majority of the revenue, where 75% of revenue from the estate goes to the British government.

That still pays very well with the Royal family. In 2021 made $117 millions off the estate,

even though it will be lowered from 25% to 15% in 2027 when the renovation of Buckingham Palace is complete.

And King Charles won't to pay inheritance taxes on any of the land or cash he was given,

save him a lot of money because the current inheritance tax on wealth over $300,000 in the UK is 40%.

But King Charles is exempt from it due to a law that passed 1993.