Leonardo DiCaprio has had a lot of backlash from breaking up with his girlfriend after she turned 25, but he's getting defense from his ex

Explain this many people are angry at Leonardo DiCaprio, where after four years of dating, he broke up with Camila Morrone just two months after she turned 25

which is definitely a thing for DiCaprio, where he started dating model Nina Agdal when she was to 21. Leo broke up when she was 25

and after four years of dating, he stopped dating Bar Refaeli after she turned 25

And this has been a running joke for a while where Amy Schumer said Leonardo DiCaprio fights climate change so we'll leave a better planet for his girlfriends 

and Ricky Gervais And Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't bring his girlfriends to elite Marie's because by the time it's over, they're too old for him

Now, after a lot of jokes, leo DiCaprio is being defended by his exgirlfriend Kristen Zang who he dated in the 90s

Kristen Zhang is part of the club because she dated Leonard DiCaprio for years, but broke up when she turned 25

But she revealed she was the one to actually break up with him and he wanted and stay together

And she said dating DiCaprio is great because they travel the world with luxury

She said when she turned 25, she wanted to settle down, but Leo wanted to keep being Leo

So she said Leo doesn't dump him because of age, but because he doesn't want to settle down.