These are the most futuristic cities being built around the world

So at number five is the world's first floating city off the coast of South Korea, which has a completion date as soon as 2025. 

The city's construction is with the concern of rising sea levels at the forefront, and it will consist of several islands that are anchored to the seat floor. 

It will generate electricity from solar panels, produce its own food and fresh water, but expect a lot of seafood

And it will initially home 120, but slowly scale up to 1000

In fourth and moving over to the USA is the 400 billion dollar sustainable desert city of Telosa

It's being planned by billionaire Mark Lore and is said to be built from scratch on an as yet undisclosed site in the US Desert

In third is the city of Amaravati in India

which has been under construction since 2017 and is set to be complete in just three years

Inspired by New York's Central Park, this is going to be one of the most sustainable cities on the planet, utilizing electric vehicles, water taxis and dedicated cycle routes, along with shaded streets and squares that will encourage people to walk through the city.

Second place is Egypt's new administrative capital, which is well underway and is expected to be complete in the next couple of years

Built entirely from scratch and only 50 from Cairo, the new city will provide room for more than 6 million people and costing roughly $45 billion

They also have plans to build the world's tallest skyscraper, measuring a whopping 1000 meter tall and a theme park more than four times the size of Disneyland

So innovative one is, of course, Saudi Arabia's. The line They are creating an entire city stacked 500 meters high

They it taller than the Empire State, stretching it out a starry 170 length, and then housing all of that in a mirrored glass wall in the bloody desert

No official date for the line, but it's part of their Vision 2030 program