Noah Schnapp had drink spiked

Noah Schnapp had drink spiked

Noah Schnapp is attending college now, but he's facing issues where somebody spiked his drink

Explaining this, Noah Schnapp is now attending University of Pennsylvania, which is an Ivy League school

There's a big problem happening where only a few weeks in many students are taking advantage of him

with reports coming out that students are taking photos and when he's not looking at Ellen's Paparazzi

It's also an issue happening where students are taking videos of him during class and sending it to their friends on Snapchat

And perhaps the worst since then while he attended a college party where someone spiked his drink just for fun

Luckily was a failed attempt where somebody saw what was going on in the Warrenoa

Issues like this are common for celebrities who attend college. Like Emma Watson who went to Brown on her first day, had someone shout ten points to Griffin Roll when she answered the Question.

There had to be a notice from the university to the student body asking them not to take pictures of her and post them on the internet

There's also an ally portman, who went to Harvard and said she'd regularly have people run on to her making lightsaber noises

Natalie Portman annoyed attending Harvard

Noah Schnapp isn't the only Stranger Things cast member attending College with Millie Bobby Brown going to Purdue University, but doing It online

The same for Caleb McLaughlin is also going to college online

Which sadly might have to happen to known with that