Saudi Arabia has just shocked the world

By releasing the first look at their upcoming city called The Line

They are quite literally in the works of creating an entire city which is stacked 500 meters high, making it taller than the Empire State

stretched it out a stabering 170 km in length, which, for perspective, would take the average human over 40 hours to walk, and then housing all of that in a mirrored glass wall. 

This linear city will eventually be home to a whopping 9 million residents

And the suburbs are essentially segments along this line, which this is the crazy part, are organized in three dimensions

And because of that added third dimension depth, everything you need in your daily life, such as your home, work, schools, shopping, are all within these five minute walk neighborhoods. 

And if you want to go visit Mate down the line, all of their services will operate with AI and run autonomously, making it possible to travel from one side all the way to the other in just 20 minutes. 

And because there will be no need for cars, the city will have zero carbon emissions and their energy and water supplies will be 100% renewable

In fact, they are so confident in their design, they had the audacity to create a model of what New York would look like if they adopted the same infrastructure as the Line.

They've also strategically located the city so that 40% of the world can travel there in just a six hour flight and is surrounded by both the ocean and mountains, giving the residents immediate access to nature just to make things even crazier. 

The Line is just one of the three projects checks that Saudi Arabia are working on