Scariest things found in the jungle

This is a zombie ant

It's not alive, but it's moving

These zombie ants are created thanks to a fungi

The fungus osteo cordyceps unilateral controls insects minds

First, the fungus This consumes an insect

It then takes over its brain and body and goes around biting other ants, spreading the fungus even more

In jungles all over the world, giant footprints have been found

They are most commonly found in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. 

Some say these are proof that giant humans used to roam the planet. 

All over the jungles of Costa Rica are these perfect stone spheres

But what are they? And how are they so perfectly round?

It's believed these were made over many years by by the Decrease tribe

They would have spent years rolling rocks to make them perfectly spherical

But to this day, no one knows why they did this