The Brazilian Hulk died on his 55th birthday

The Brazilian hulk bodybuilder has just died on his birthday at only 55 years old

Now, you've probably seen this guy around before because he became pretty famous online for injecting extremely large amounts of oil into his muscles

despite being told by doctors it could lead to to severe nerve damage, strokes, infection and even amputation

But despite the warnings, he said he liked the attention it brought and he wanted to get even bigger

However, unfortunately, that would prove to be a fatal decision, as his neighbor said that he came crawling through the back door of their house at around 6:00AM

This morning and he started knocking on his mother's window, saying, help me, help me because I'm dying

They quickly rushed him to hospital, but apparently he collapsed in reception and died shortly after. 

The cause of death is yet to be confirmed, but his neighbor believes that it was a hospital