Pandas are the worst animal parents

Pandas are the worst animal parents

pandas often give birth to twins

but that's a problem pandas can only look after one baby at once this means that one of the babies is totally abandoned

when pandas are in captivity the babies are swapped out that way the babies can be looked after half by the panda and half by humans

when a seal gives birth it's very protective of its kid for twelve days and then the baby's seal is abandoned

that's right seals only take care of their kids for twelve days after that time they give their kids no food and no protection

that's probably why 30% of seals pass away in their first year of life

cuckoos are famous for abandoning their kids before born

cuckoos drops their own eggs into other bird's nests

this means that other birds sometimes have to raise baby cuckoos

sometimes this goes badly as the baby cuckoo does not survive.