This is the strictest school in the world. 

Michaela Community School in the UK is said to be the strictest school in the world. 

If you're even 1 second later class, you'll get a five hour detention. Even if it's your parents fault. 

If you wear the wrong uniform or have the wrong hair length, then you will get a five hour detention. 

At lunchtime, there's no playing.

Students have to sit with their teachers and they even have to cook for their teachers. 

There are no cleaners at this school. Instead, the kids do all of the cleaning. 

Most cell phones are allowed anywhere on the school campus. If you're caught with one, it will be confiscated for a week. 

But I think the worst rule is the no talking rule. 

You're not allowed to talk to any other student without permission from a teacher. 

Is this place a school or a prison?