This man hasn't eaten for 70 years

This man hasn't eaten for 70 years

This is Prahlad Jani from India

He says he hasn't eaten in 70 years

He says when he was seven years old he had a vision

And since then he hasn't eaten any food or or drank any water

You may be saying he is simply making this up, but here's where it gets crazy

In 2003, Pralad agreed to be monitored by scientists for ten days

A team of scientists watched him around the clock for ten days in a hospital

And during this time he did not eat or drink

And he didn't even use the bathroom once

The scientists were amazed and baffled too

Humans can only survive eight days without food and free days without water

Prahlad Jani passed away in 2020 at the age of 90

And no one knows how he survived all those years without eating or drinking