This man is so dangerous, no prison would accept him. 

Meet Charles Bronson. 

He is said to be the most dangerous prisoner in the world. 

He's been in prison for about 50 years. He first went to prison when he was only 22. 

This was because of an armed robbery. Inside prison, he had many fights. 

He was then transferred to a different prison. 

But in that prison, he tried to break out 

and also tried to poison a fellow inmate. 

He was then sent to a remote prison on the Isle of Wight. 

In the next prison, he took someone hostage and demanded a helicopter and a cup of tea. 

He was then put in solitary confinement, where he took a guard hostage. 

He was then moved to a Hannibal cage where he took yet another guard hostage. 

He was moved to another prison, where he took three people hostage and then moved to another, where he took two more people hostage. 

Right now he's in the maximum security Woodhill prison, where he may remain for the rest of his life.