Vin Diesel made $54 Million off three words

Vin Diesel made $54 Million off three words

Vin Diesel has only three words in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but because of those words, he's made $54 million

Those are for the words I am groot, where he's voiced the character since 2014

And the reason he's paid so much is because how Guardians of the Galaxy started when many people thought the movie would fail

Known Marvel comic at the time, Stan lee said after the movie was announced he wasn't sure if he was a candy on the film

This is because he didn't create Guardians of the Galaxy and say he didn't even know all the Guardians names

And along with it being obscure, many people thought it would be a talking raccoon would just be seen as a kid's film

which was one of the big reasons Marvel asked in Diesel to join, thinking he'd help sell the movies in action film

To get him involved, they paid him comparable to his Fast and Furious salary, who makes $20 million in the movie

And it's not as easy as a job as people think, or it actually takes Vin Diesel weeks to record Guardians of the Galaxy. 

And that's because he doesn't do the movie just in English, where he voiced his groove in 15 different languages

and it takes a lot of time because he has to make each language sound identical in tone to each other

His costar, Bradley Cooper is doing well. Make 15 million for Voice of Rocket