Bonus SNAP Benefits Food Stamps Approved – Bonus Food Stamps in the Month of August Full List and Details

Bonus SNAP Benefits Food Stamps Approved - Bonus Food Stamps in the Month of August Full List and Details

Bonus Snap benefits, otherwise known as food stamps, have been approved for millions and millions of beneficiaries. I have all the details and the full list of who is going to be getting this extra bonus right here in the topic. So let’s get right into it, all right? The new updated list has been released in regards to your Snap benefits, otherwise known as food stamps, and the extra bonus for millions and millions of beneficiaries. That’s exactly what I want to talk about right here in the topic because food is getting very expensive these days. So I want to break it all down for you and let you know if you are going to be one of those millions of people out there that’s going to be getting that extra bonus on your benefit. However, really quickly, before we get into that list, let me quickly share with you some new statistics that were just released in a new report. And this is a little bit shocking, but at the same time, probably not all that surprising because we’re all dealing with this right now. Every time you go out to the store to buy some groceries for the week or however long you’re buying groceries for But check this out.

A new report that was just released is showing on a year-over-year basis for food at home and restaurants. Food prices are up 10.8%. Now, if we take out just the food from restaurants and we just talk about food at home, in other words, all the food that you’re buying at the grocery stores, prices are up year over year 12.2%. That’s incredible. Check this out again. Bread alone is up over 10%. 10.8% is how much bread is up right now. Meat is up eight 2%, and it goes on and on. For example, rice is up over 11%. There’s a lot of different categories here that are up in the teens, even that’s a lot, right? So again, we are all experiencing this right here. But again, these are just a couple of examples right now of some everyday items that a lot of us buy on a regular basis that have gone up significantly over the last year here. So anyway, I just want to throw it out there really quickly. This was a new report that was just released based on inflation and what food prices are actually doing right now.

Well, we know they’re moving up significantly higher, right? It’s kind of a sad situation. Are your Snap benefits keeping up with that? I don’t think so, right. So anyway, let’s get into the full list here and I’ll talk about all of the different millions of people that are going to be getting this extra bonus benefit as a result of this new announcement. As I am you’re one and only daily advocate and I’m very much dedicated to you in this community to continue doing all the research each and every day. Breaking it all down into these short topics so you can stay updated with what is actually going on right now as things are changing very rapidly and as we continue to get all these new announcements out of the administration. The President. Lawmakers. Congress. And along with all these new bills. Packages. Proposals. Reform. And anything else going on out there in regards to money. Benefits. Checks.

Programs or anything else that may be released. There’s a lot going on. Things are changing rapidly and we’re getting new announcements literally every single day. So again, thanks so much for joining me. Please make sure to subscribe down below if you haven’t done so yet. And I’ll continue to be here for you each and every day right by your side to help you out in any way that I possibly can and of course, making sure that you’re staying updated with all of these changes and of course knowing how all of these benefits are being distributed so that you can grab as much as you possibly can. All right, thanks again. Let’s jump into it and discuss all the details. All right Now this is actually interesting because this is the new updated list of Snap benefits or food stamps for the month of August. Now this is actually pretty exciting because here’s the thing. Technically, about two weeks ago, on July 15, when the Public Health Emergency Declaration actually was supposed to be expiring, they actually extended it out yet again, all the way out until mid-October. October 13 is now the new expiration.

Why do we care? Well, here’s why we care. Because as a result of the Public Health Emergency Declaration being in place right now as a result of Covid. Well, that’s what they’re saying anyway. As a result of that and they continue to extend it out, this allows for all of these states to continue sending out the extra Snap allotment. Now, here’s the thing. The Snap program is actually a federally funded program, right? It’s federally funded, but it’s administered on the state level. So each individual state has its own kind of little rules and parameters for the Snap program. Even though it’s a federally funded program by the USDA, it’s actually administered on the state-by-state level. So it’s a little bit different state by state all across the country. So as a result of that, each individual state has its own little rules and all kinds of different things if they’re going to send out extra allotments to the millions of beneficiaries across the entire country. By the way, as of right now, there are over 40 million people in this country, 43 million plus beneficiaries that receive Snap benefits every single month. So like I said before on another topic, if you have not applied for Snap yet, you might want to do it because here’s the thing.


Totally free to apply if you’re low income or if you’re living on a fixed income, you can probably get some kind of benefit, and it’s just money that you can go out and buy groceries with each and every month. So it might not be much or it might be more than you actually think you’re going to get. The fact of the matter is, it’s just free money that you can use to go out and buy the very expensive food that you’re going to be buying anyway. So, anyway, I just want to throw that out there as just a quick little nugget, because I know that there are a lot of you here in the community that are probably not getting Snap benefits currently, and you’re probably eligible to get them. So just check that out if you’re interested in doing so. Again, you’ll need to apply on your state-by-state level. So wherever your state offices for Snap, again, you can apply there and you can call your state office, and they can direct you on how to apply and all the different details that you need to know. Which, by the way, one quick side note before we get into that list of states, if you want to call the 1800 number, you can do that.

The 1800 number is 180-221-5689. I’ve called that number many times myself. I’ve even called it in one of these topics here. And we’ve gone through the prompts itself, but it’s an automated system, and you basically just say which state you’re located in, and then, of course, they will direct you to your local office again. 1802, 215-6891, 802, 21568, nine. All right, so anyway, with that being said, let’s get into it and discuss this list of different states out there right now. This list is actually still pretty long. It’s 20 states out there right now that are still selling these out for the month of August. That’s pretty encouraging because we’ve seen this list kind of dwindling down a little bit really slowly over the last several months. Now, yes, we have lost a few states over the last couple of months here, but it is been holding pretty strong around 20 states every single month, so that’s still pretty nice. However, it wasn’t that long ago when we were seeing like 30, 33 states, things like this. So we are still losing a few states going forward, but again, it’s still coming in pretty strong at 20 states still right now that are still sending out these extra benefits.

So with that being said, let’s get into it and go through that list of different states. this is the list for the month of August. And again, these are the states that are going to be sending out that extra allotment for Snap’s benefit. You’ll probably know. And again, just watch your EBT card. And again, you can always watch your app as well as you can watch the extra benefit being loaded onto your card then as well. So, again, if you’re in one of these states, you probably know the drill by now.

Share the topic with your friends, family, and social media, and of course, make sure to apply for Snap benefits if you haven’t done so yet. With that being said, enough out of me. Thanks so much for your continued support. I truly do appreciate it. And just remember, I want to help you out in any way that I possibly can. Enjoy your day, and I’ll catch you again later on the next topic.

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