Top 10 most beautiful bridges in the world, Tower Bridge in London on the list, ranked 3rd as if it were the entrance to a fairyland

Top 10 most beautiful bridges in the world, Tower Bridge in London on the list, ranked 3rd as if it were the entrance to a fairyland

The Top Ten Most Beautiful Bridges in the World

Introduction: Bridges have been constructed in every country throughout history, and famous bridges, whether in terms of their appearance or artistic impact, reflect the characteristics of their era and the development of human civilization. Today’s bridges symbolize technological development. Here are the top ten most beautiful bridges in the world, let’s take a look.

The Top Ten Most Beautiful Bridges in the World:

  1. Golden Gate Bridge
  2. Tower Bridge, London
  3. Millau Viaduct, France
  4. Sydney Harbour Bridge
  5. Oresund Bridge, Denmark-Sweden
  6. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Japan
  7. Rio-Antirrio Bridge, Greece
  8. Confederation Bridge, Canada
  9. Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge
  10. The First Bridge in the World

1. Golden Gate Bridge

Location: Marin County, San Francisco, USA

Also known as the “Golden Gate Strait Bridge,” it is an important symbol of San Francisco and one of the top ten iconic buildings in the United States. It is also an outstanding representative of large suspension bridge engineering. When people enter San Francisco from the Pacific, they first see a giant suspension bridge spanning the bay, and this suspension bridge is the famous Golden Gate Bridge that has been used as a shooting location for many movies. In 2007, a documentary film with the same name was also filmed.

2. Tower Bridge, London

Location: London, England

This is an upper-anchored suspension bridge named after its proximity to the Tower of London. It is a symbol of London with a long history. The two ends of the Tower Bridge are Victorian brick towers, and people can walk on the bridge to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Thames and its two banks. There are also exhibition rooms inside the bridge where visitors can learn about its history and how it works.

3. Millau Viaduct

Location: Langdoc-Roussillon coast, France

The Millau Viaduct is one of the world’s highest bridges, with a cantilever support column that reaches a height of 343 meters, higher than the Eiffel Tower. Although it took only three years to build, it is a technical masterpiece. Driving on this bridge feels like strolling in a fairy tale, as if it were the entrance to a wonderland.

4. Harbour Bridge

Location: Jackson Bay, Australia

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is known as the world’s first single-arch bridge, and it was also constructed in the 1930s. It was a great challenge to build a bridge in the sky over the sea at that time. The bridge is located next to the Sydney Opera House, and the two landmarks complement each other, making it a symbol of Sydney.

5. Oresund Bridge

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark – Malmo, Sweden

This is the largest completed cable-stayed bridge in the world so far. To build this bridge, an artificial island was constructed in the strait. The two cities connected by the bridge will become the most economically active and culturally diverse area in the Baltic Sea region of northern Europe. This bridge is also the tenth largest bridge in the world.

6. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Location: Kobe City, Japan – Awaji Island

This bridge is located in the Kansai region of Japan and is an important part of the Honshu-Shikoku Link Project. To create a good night view, the bridge’s main tower, main cables, and other parts are equipped with lighting devices that change colors beautifully over time.

7. Rio-Antirrio Bridge

Location: Patras Bay, Central Greece – Gulf of Corinth

This is one of the largest suspension bridges in the world. Due to the steep slopes on both sides of the bay, the weak foundation, and the location on a strong earthquake zone, the construction was very challenging. It took six years, from laying the foundation in 1998 to officially opening in August 2004. The bridge is also an important part of the Western Greece Highway and the European transport network.

8. Confederation Bridge

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada – New Brunswick

This bridge was built so that agricultural products from Prince Edward Island, a predominantly agricultural island, could be shipped out. After the bridge was built, it also led to the economic development of the island and a huge increase in agricultural product revenue. It is one of the longest sea-crossing bridges in the world, with a bridge deck height of 61 meters above the water to allow ships to pass through. In order to reduce the impact of tides and winds on such a long sea-crossing bridge, three turning bends were added.

9. Tsing Ma Bridge

Location: Tsing Yi Island, Hong Kong – Ma Wan

This bridge is an important part of the Tsing Yi Island Expressway in Hong Kong and one of the supporting projects for the Hong Kong International Airport. It is currently the world’s largest span public railway and road suspension bridge. It was built from May 1992 to May 1997 and together with the nearby Kap Shui Mun Bridge, they are like two rainbows, becoming a new tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

10. The First Bridge in the World

Location: Zhangjiajie Scenic Area, China

This is a natural stone bridge carved by nature. The bridge is 357 meters high, about 5 meters thick, and spans between two mountain peaks. It is rare in terms of height, span, and thrill, and is known as the “First Bridge in the World.” Although the bridge is too thrilling, the top is relatively flat, and people can still walk on it.

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