10 Incredible Animals (Puzzling)

10 Incredible Animals (Puzzling)

There are 10 incredible animals: the hexagon dinosaur, pangolin, orchid bee, bullet squid, bowhead whale, West African scale-tailed squirrel, Nelson’s small-eared shrew, New Guinea singing dog, Bornean pygmy elephant, and lighthouse jellyfish. There are many animals on Earth that people find incredible. Scientists predict that there are about 8.7 million species that have not yet been discovered by humans. These mysterious species not only have unique appearances and lifestyles but also have intriguing growth processes.

1. The hexagon dinosaur:

Also known as the Mexican walking fish, it is not a fish but an amphibian and a type of salamander.


2. Pangolin:

This heavy animal is covered in scales that resemble armor, with a small head and a long, pointed tail. They are mainly found in Asia and Africa.


3. Orchid bee:

This bee mainly lives on the active volcanic mountain peaks of Nicaragua and builds its nest in volcanic ash.


4. Bullet squid:

Also known as the flying squid, this fish has a unique way of breathing and will drown if it stays in the water for too long.


5. bowhead whale:

The bowhead whale is currently the largest mammal in the world, with an average length of 15-18 meters and a weight of around 100 tons.


6. West African scale-tailed squirrel:

This animal has a scaled tail and scientists have not yet discovered a living specimen. Recently, only three dead West African scale-tailed squirrels have been found.


7. Nelson’s small-eared shrew:

Nelson’s small-eared shrew was discovered and named by Edward Nelson in 1894. This animal has a small body, is about 10 cm in length, and has deep brown fur.


8. New Guinea singing dog: 

Also known as the highland dog, this is a rare breed of dog found mainly in the highlands of New Guinea. It is famous for its unique bark.


9. Bornean pygmy elephant:

The Bornean pygmy elephant is the smallest species of elephant in Asia. Its face is very small, but its ears are large and its stomach is round. When it walks, its long tail drags on the ground.



10. lighthouse jellyfish:

The lighthouse jellyfish is a small jellyfish, about the size of an adult’s little finger. In 1990, people discovered that it can change its shape and revert back to its larval form when in crisis.

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