Was Godzilla originally a dinosaur or a crocodile?

Was Godzilla originally a dinosaur or a crocodile?

In fact, its prototype is this creature (Godzilla prototype) – Godzilla’s prototype is a black monitor lizard. With the continuous development of science and technology, 3D technology has also developed, and even 5D technology has made certain progress. Therefore, the film industry has flourished, and various types of films compete with each other in the film and television industry. Science fiction movies are also increasingly popular with audiences. The image of Godzilla, the king of monsters such as dinosaurs and crocodiles, has become the focus of the film screen and has also sparked discussions among audiences. So, was Godzilla originally a dinosaur or a crocodile? Let’s take a look at the answer below together. Maybe you will know after reading it.

Looking at Godzilla on the movie screen, some viewers find it a bit scary. From the appearance of Godzilla, some people think it looks like a dinosaur, especially with its short claws and large size. Some people think that Godzilla is a hybrid of dinosaurs and crocodiles. Are there really such hybrids in real life? In fact, according to research on the data, the original Godzilla was very small, and you couldn’t even imagine it being angry. Godzilla’s prototype is actually a monitor lizard called a black monitor lizard that lives in the sea.

It’s just that science fiction movies exaggerate this lizard and create the monster king Godzilla. In real life, this monitor lizard is completely different from the Godzilla in the movie. The Godzilla in the movie is tall and fierce and can easily destroy human buildings, but its prototype is not like that.

The black monitor lizard is native to the Komodo Islands, usually about 0.75 meters long to the left and weighs about 1.5 kilograms. It mainly eats vegetarian food, usually seaweed. In addition, data shows that black monitor lizards can move freely inside, swim relatively fast, mainly by wagging their tails, but they walk slowly on land. The fact proves that such a gentle monitor lizard is the prototype of the fierce and huge monster king Godzilla. Godzilla is a monster from another world. Are you curious about the prototype of Godzilla? You can continue to explore, maybe there will be new discoveries.

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