$1,400 Fourth Stimulus Check – Social Security, SSI, SSDI, Low Income Update

$1,400 Fourth Stimulus Check - Social Security, SSI, SSDI, Low Income Update

$1400 fourth stimulus check specifically focused on Social Security, including retirement disability, SSDI survivors, SSI, VA, RRB, low income, low income, senior years, older adults, and people with disabilities. I have all the details, what you need to know, the latest updates. And is timing playing an important role in this next one? That’s also something we’re going to be covering right here in this topic. Let’s get right into it as we have a lot to talk about, as always.

Now, this is a question that I continue to see popping up down in the comments section. And this is actually a really good question. So thank you so much to all of you who have been asking. But this is a question that I see literally every single day, many of you reaching out asking, is there a fourth stimulus check? Will there be a fourth stimulus check?

If so, how much is it going to be? Who’s going to get it? When are we going to get it? And maybe most importantly, how fast can they actually send it out? Again, these are all very important questions, and again, I want to bring you up to speed as far as where we currently stand. What are the latest updates on this and does timing play a very important role in this next one, if there happens to be one? So let’s get into it and discuss all of these moving parts, however, really fast. It’s totally free to do so as I am your one and only daily advocate and I’m very much dedicated to you and this community to continue doing all the research every single day, boiling it down into these short topics, which I deliver a few times each and every day so that you can get the latest details hot off the wire, as this information is being released.

During this very, very busy time that we continue to live through right here, right now. Things are changing literally every single day. New announcements, packages, proposals, programs, all kinds of different things are hitting the wire, as well as what is being said by lawmakers, the president, the administration. I mean, seriously, there’s a lot that’s being mentioned right here, right now and a lot that’s going on, which is why I continue to bring you a few updates each and every day so that you can get this information hot off the wire as it is being released. All right, so like I said, some really good questions from those of you right here in the community asking about stimulus check number four. Is there one? Will there be one, how much? All of these questions, some really good stuff.

So here’s what I want to talk about. First off, let’s quickly talk about the check and where we currently stand with this. Now, again, there is still talk about this and there is still support of ongoing checks, a one time check, monthly ongoing payments, all kinds of business like this. So realistically, the whole thing could transpire in any of multiple directions. It could be a one time lump sum check.

It could be monthly ongoing checks. It could be who knows what I mean? Seriously, it could be quarterly checks. There’s so many different proposals out there right now as far as what this could possibly be. Now, here’s the thing.

As we continue to move forward, as time continues to tick by, as days continue to tick by, as money continues to be very tight for people, as we’ve seen in multiple reports lately, the vast majority of Americans right now are living paycheck to paycheck. In other words, just payment to payment. Many people are living in this way right here, right now. We’ve been talking about it in separate topics, all these reports that we’ve been seeing coming forward right now. So the situation is getting a little bit more extreme, right?

And here’s the thing. It’s no surprise that it is right now with rapidly rising prices on literally everything. In fact, as of recently, the President has been out a number of times talking about inflation and all of his plans as far as what to do to actually get ahead of this inflation. But at the same time, he has the plans and then basically says, well, it’s up to the Federal Reserve. Again, what is the Federal Reserve going to do about this and how fast can they actually do this?

However? So now that we covered that really briefly here, let’s quickly talk about timing. Why is timing kind of a thing that we need to watch right now? There’s actually a few things that are coming together. There’s multiple different pieces of information that are converging right here, right now, kind of as we speak, that we need to watch closely because this may indicate anything that may be coming here at some point.

Whether it’s soonish or late, we don’t really know those details yet. But I want to talk through multiple different things. Number one is, of course, the markets. Now, again, I know that many of you here in the community may not care about this or may not look at this. And that’s okay.

You don’t need to. But the fact of the matter is the markets do indicate kind of what is coming and where the economy is going, as the markets are generally leading indicators. So that’s something we got to watch as the markets are rolling over. It’s not necessarily a good thing when it comes to what’s actually coming forward here next, there’s been a lot of talk about recession, right? You’ve probably heard this from many different sources.

You probably heard it in your local news, all kinds of different places. But there’s been a lot of talk here over the last few weeks and the last couple of months even saying recession, recession, we’re on top of a recession. It is coming, and it is coming soon. So it’s something else we got to watch closely because that just simply means economic growth in the United States is basically down two quarters in a row, right? So that’s basically what a recession is.

So something else that we got to watch going forward as well. Now, here’s a couple of things that I want to point out when it comes to timing on this. And I’m going to give you a couple of quick examples on this. So stick with me. These are a few examples that I want to lay out for you because it shows you the power behind timing and distribution of money.

Now, over the last couple of weeks here, we’ve been talking about how the administration and the president wants to cancel up to $10,000 of federal student loan debt per borrower. Again, stick with me on this because I’m using this as an example for timing. Now, here’s the thing. We’ve been hearing this out of the administration. They want to cancel $10,000 worth of federal student loan debt.

However, here’s what’s interesting about it. Many people in Congress are coming out saying, you’re too soon, you’re too soon. Don’t do it yet. You’re way too soon. Because here’s what they want to do.

They want to cancel this perfectly timed in front of the midterm elections. Now, again, I just want to make this very clear. I’m not here to take sides politically. I’m not here to say anything about the president, good or bad. I’m just simply saying this is what is being discussed out there.

If you’ve been reading the topics for any length of time now, you know that I do not take sides. I try to take it right down the middle. Sometimes I bash on one side more than the other. But that’s okay. They all get it equally here on the channel, right?

You can see if you’ve been watching for a while now. I love to bash on both sides because realistically, that’s what it comes down to. Everybody needs to do their part anyway. So I’m simply telling you what is being said right now. But the president wanted to come out and talk about actually canceling $10,000 of federal student loan debt per borrower.

But then there’s people in Congress coming out telling him, hey, stop, you’re doing it too soon here. You got to hold off on this. You got to drag this out a few more months here until we get closer to the midterm elections. So why would they want to do that right before the midterm elections? Well, let’s just put it this way.

If somebody came out to you a month or a month and a half before an election and said, hey, you know that $10,000 of federal student loan debt you have? Oh, just kidding. We’re going to wipe it off the board. Would you be happy or what? Yeah, I don’t know about you, but I’d be very happy about that, right?

I’d be very excited about that. So timing is that is one instance of timing where they’re kind of saying right now, hang on with that idea. Just wait it out for a couple more months here until we get closer to the elections. It’s too soon right now. Let me give you one more quick example on this.

So remember, back in early 2021, president Biden was campaigning down in Georgia for the runoff elections for those two senators. Well, what did the President say? He was talking about the two senators who were Democrats. And again, they both did get elected, but again, in Georgia, this was the state that we were waiting for. And if those two senators did actually come through, then the Democrats would have had full control of the Senate.

So it’s very important. Right. Well, what was President Biden saying at the time when he was helping campaign for these two Democratic senators? He was telling basically all around Georgia as he was campaigning around saying, send me those two guys and I’ll get you a $2,000 check. Remember that?

Yeah, I remember it very vividly. We were covering this stuff very closely back then, just as we are now, and that’s what was going on. The President continued to say during his campaigning, send me those two senators and we’ll get you a $2,000 check. Which, by the way, it was not a $2,000 check. It was one $400 check.

Just so that we’re all on the same page here. It was never $2,000, but that’s how it was being marketed to us was $2,000 is coming your way if I get those two guys. Well, ultimately Georgia pulled through and they sent the two senators. They elected those two Democratic senators. Therefore, the Democrats got full control of the House, the Senate, and obviously the presidency.

Therefore, they moved forward right away. Well, shortly thereafter, I should say, the President was inaugurated in early 2021 and moved forward with the American Rescue Plan, which contained $1.9 trillion of spending and that $1,400 stimulus check. So my point is, this was another case perfectly where the President was coming out campaigning right in front of the election, perfectly timed those statements and saying we were going to get a $2000 check, which happened to be $400. But anyway, that’s beside the point. That’s all history now.

I’m just simply saying that is another example perfectly timed right before an election where they were coming out saying, send us those guys and you’ll get a check. So my point is, maybe they are waiting on this for some timing to figure out, hey, what’s the perfect timing on this to actually start talking about this, introducing or maybe even working its way through Congress right before the midterm elections. Now, again, there’s been varying opinions on this because there are some people in Congress coming out saying that they want to get this package done here either this month or next month. Okay, that’s pretty quick here. They got to get it done soon.

There’s also other people putting out a timeline at the end of September. So when is it actually going to be?

Well, I guess that’s up to Congress and when they can actually move forward with this. But when it comes down to all of this, there is support from many lawmakers out there right now to either send out a one time lump sum check and or monthly ongoing payments. I could probably list probably nine different proposals that have come out here over the last short amount of time here to send out either one of the following an ongoing monthly check, a quarterly check, a one time lump sum payment, a tax rebate check, a tax voucher, a tax credit, some kind of voucher program, these prepaid cards. I mean, seriously, there are so many different programs that have been introduced here and they’re all across multiple different lawmakers out of the Senate, out of the House. All kinds of different people have been coming out introducing these.

So my point is they do have support for ongoing monthly checks and or a one time lump sum payment. But again, they might be looking at the situation saying what is the perfect timing? When can we put the icing on the cake to actually kind of wrap this whole thing up, right? So anyway, these are some very important factors that come down to all of this. So when it comes down to a fourth stimulus check, I guess this is kind of what we’re waiting for, is waiting on Congress to figure out what are they going to do, what is the perfect timing for them and their opinions on this as far as when they think something could be actually done on this.

And then of course, we’ll also need to figure out what is their approach on this. A one time, a lump sum, a quarterly, a voucher, a rebate check, some kind of rebate card, like what’s it going to be? And again, I don’t think they really come together on a decision on that quite yet. But these are kind of some of the updates. This is the talk that’s out there.

These are the things that are circling around. And if you want to be too, I can always come back and lay out, like I said, those eight or different, nine different pieces of legislation that are on the table right now that have been introduced here over the last short amount of time to send out any of the following that I mentioned throughout this topic. So anyway, I just want to bring up to speed on this as far as those of you that have been asking, again, really good questions. As I say in so many topics, only time will tell that’s all we can really do right now is continue to wait for additional announcements, additional information coming out of Congress, lawmakers, the administration, anybody like this. But there are a number of different catalysts that are here on the table right here, right now, that any one of them could actually indicate another check coming out at any given time.

But until then, all we can really do is just continue to wait and see what actually comes out. So anyway, I’m very much dedicated to bringing you that information, watching everything closely. And as I do get that information, of course, breaking it down into these short topics and letting you know what’s on the table and what can we actually be getting out of all of these pieces of legislation and what is currently going on right here, right now. So again, I hope this makes sense, but either way, I’m here for you, right by your side. I want to get a check just as much as everybody else, right?

I think we all understand the situation and the severity of what is actually going on right now. It’s a tough time. Money is very tight for most people. We understand this. I see it in all the reports.

Every single day new reports are coming out talking about, oh, this group and this percentage of people are struggling right now. It’s huge percentages. It’s a lot of people. Anyway, I’ll be here for you in any way that I can be.

So, again, thanks so much for visiting our site. Until next time, enjoy your day, stay safe, and I’ll see you next time in the next topics. Thanks.



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