36 Rare Photos: Wild Boar Kills Leopard, Lion Tears Apart Wild Dog, Honey Badger Eats Mating Lizard

36 Rare Photos: Wild Boar Kills Leopard, Lion Tears Apart Wild Dog, Honey Badger Eats Mating Lizard

1. A clouded leopard killed a wild boar. Clouded leopards are a nationally protected animal in China. The extinct saber-toothed tiger was known for its long and sharp canines. The length proportion of the clouded leopard’s canines is at the top among the current species of felines, hence it has the nickname of “little saber-toothed tiger”.2. A sloth fought back against a harpy eagle, and this was the fastest time in its life that the sloth has ever used its claws. Sloths are a species unique to the Americas, and they like to hang upside down on trees, often for hours without moving. Hence, people named them “sloth”.3. When I see this group of bees orderly arranged, I think of a name – “marching ants”. We can call this group of hardworking bees “marching bees”.4. A jumping spider caught a small insect as its prey. Spiders do not belong to the insect category. Spiders, scorpions, and centipedes are all part of the arthropod family.

5. A heron used its pointed beak to pierce the back of a turtle…6. The meat of a hyena is not tasty, but lions still try to eliminate them. This is because hyena groups can hunt and kill small or old lions with weak fighting abilities.7. Give the microphone to the alligator and let it tell its story. Alligator: “Everyone, don’t mess with the porcupine, be careful not to get poked.”8. Seagulls’ diet goes beyond the imagination of most people. They not only eat fish but also eat mice, rabbits, and starfish.
9. The panda mukbang is now online. This national treasure perfectly embodies an idiom – ‘to savor every bite.
10. A python swallowed a mousetrap. The mousetrap had a smell of mice or residue of mice. The python mistook the mousetrap for prey and swallowed it whole.11. The hornbill is eating an insect. Hornbills are omnivores, they also eat fruit, small birds, etc.

12. The golden cat preyed on a large rat. Golden cats are often found in the south of China. In China, golden cats are classified as a first-class protected animal.

  1. A giant water bug preyed on a small turtle. The giant water bug can release venom that paralyzes its prey.

14. The Black Kite is plucking feathers from a sparrow. The Black Kite, also known as the Black-eared Kite, is a second-class protected animal in China.

15. A leopard battles a baboon. The baboon dared to challenge the leopard, but it can only be said that the leopard is not hungry at the moment… Baboons are not the leopard’s match.16. A woodpecker and a tree riddled with holes. In your mind, is the woodpecker a forest pest or a beneficial bird?17. A leopard cat catches a white bird. The Leopard cat, also known as the Chinese mountain cat, is a second-class protected animal in China.18. A Bald Eagle is holding down a Canada Goose tightly. The Bald Eagle has a nickname – the “Air Overlord.”19. A sparrowhawk is killing a bird. Sparrowhawks mainly feed on birds, rodents, and insects. There are also sparrowhawks in China, which are second-class protected animals. To put it this way, in China, raptors are all protected animals, and their protection level is at least second-class.

20. A feral cat carrying a mouse. The feral cat is a medium-sized feline. In terms of appearance, it can rank in the top three of the feline family.

21. A peregrine falcon kills a flying bird. When diving, the peregrine falcon can reach a speed of up to 320 kilometers per hour. With its super speed, the peregrine falcon’s talons can often deliver a fatal blow to its prey!22. A kingfisher catches a frog. Kingfishers were ubiquitous when we were young. As we grow older, it becomes increasingly difficult to catch a glimpse of them.23. The jaguar has the strongest bite force in the cat family and is capable of crushing the skull of a crocodile.24. Crocodiles eat big fish, and big fish eat small fish. This is the food chain. After the big fish is eaten by the crocodile, the small fish escape. This is what they call the most dangerous place, often being the safest.25. A Red-crowned Crane battles a Golden Eagle. The Red-crowned Crane’s long legs make it difficult for the Golden Eagle to approach its body. The Golden Eagle can only defend itself and find it difficult to attack.26. The hyenas stole the cheetah’s prey, and the cheetah becomes a casual laborer in minutes. There’s no way around it; cheetahs have invincible speed but weak fighting ability.27. Wild boars have strong adaptability. If there is no human intervention, wild boars can live in cities and even do better than cats and dogs.
28. Mantises cannot catch dragonflies in flight. But when mantises ambush resting dragonflies, they strike with deadly precision.29. A sand cat is catching a snake to eat. The sand cat is one of the smallest members of the cat family, mainly feeding on mice, lizards, and insects.30. A tiger killed a deer. The most powerful land animal is undoubtedly the tiger. Tigers are agile, strong, intelligent, and have developed hearing and vision, making them true hexagonal warriors.

  1. The lynx gave a deadly kiss to the green-headed duck. The lynx has huge paws which help it to walk and run in the snow.

32. The moose battled the grizzly bear, and the fight was more impressive than any movie scene.33. The wild boar fiercely protected its young and overturned the leopard. This is the power and courage of love!34. The honey badger ate a lizard that was playing.35. The eel broke free from the heron’s neck, seeking a way to survive. The probability of death for the eel was as high as 99%. To survive, the eel needed to avoid being fatally injured first. Secondly, it needed to land in a water body with salt content suitable for the eel. Lastly, the salt content of the water body must be appropriate for that particular eel. The heron’s neck was injured, which carried a risk of infection. Once infected, the heron would also die.

36. Animal mothers. The greatest love in the world is the love of parents. Salute to all parents around the world.

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