A 4-meter-long python swallowed a 2-meter-long crocodile and was finally strangled to death. The cause of death was not the crocodile

A 4-meter-long python swallowed a 2-meter-long crocodile and was finally strangled to death. The cause of death was not the crocodile

A four-meter-long behemoth—a boa constrictor, swallowed a nearly two-meter-long crocodile and was finally strangled to death. Of course, there is another saying that the crocodile’s claws scratched its belly and both sides died. It is how it happened?

The oldest “living fossil” – crocodile

You must know that the crocodile is the strongest king in the field of freshwater. It is not only good at camouflage and sneak attack, but also scares many animals with its unique skill of “death roll”, especially when it is thirsty on a hot day. There is a crocodile staring at it, which makes the animals who want to drink water frightened.

Crocodiles are carnivorous oviparous vertebrate reptiles. They are the oldest reptiles contemporaneous with dinosaurs more than 200 million years ago. Crocodiles survive and reproduce due to their strong vitality and become one of the oldest living fossils on earth. In the absence of food, crocodiles can survive for several weeks. Among the crocodiles, the largest individual is the crocodile, with an average body length of 4 meters. The smallest individual is the alligator living in my country, with a body length of only about 1.25 meters.

Large, non-venomous boa constrictor

Boa is a large reptile in the python family. The general body size is about 3-5 meters in length, and the body surface is attached with camouflage colors synthesized by different colors. It is an omnivorous animal. Pythons are all snakes that do not use venom.

When hunting, it will slowly approach the prey, and then quickly launch an attack. First, it will bite the prey firmly with its big mouth, and then wrap its flexible and muscular body around the prey, making it immobile, and then use the skill “Death Coil” , contract the muscles of the whole body, wrap the prey tighter and tighter until the prey loses the ability to resist, and then swallow it in one bite. It can eat goats, deer, muntjacs, pigs and other animals, and often eats rats, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Greed is not enough

In the Everglades National Park in Florida, USA, a giant python with a size of more than 4 meters is looking for prey. Through the continuous perception of its tongue, it locked its prey, a crocodile resting on the shore.

The boa constrictor first pretended to approach inadvertently, then quickly attacked, bit the crocodile’s head, and used its body for “death coiling”. So the boa constrictor opened its bloody mouth and wanted to swallow the crocodile in one gulp.

Halfway through the swallow, the crocodile regained consciousness and began to resist, but it was of no avail. There was no air in the python’s stomach and it was difficult to breathe. After a while, the crocodile lost its ability to resist again, so the python continued to swallow the rest.

But regarding the death of the boa constrictor later, I think there is something wrong with it, Yuan Fang, what do you think?

Generally speaking, pythons are smarter predators. Because they do not have venom, they will not hunt prey larger than themselves. Moreover, the skin of pythons is very elastic and can expand to a very exaggerated size to hold prey. Large prey that cannot be swallowed. The python will give up the prey even if it cannot swallow it after several attempts.

The most important point is that the prey is in a constricted state in the body of the boa constrictor. The body of the boa constrictor full of muscles can completely fit the shape of the prey, so that the prey cannot struggle in the body and hurt the boa constrictor. Moreover, the crocodile’s claws fit perfectly. The boa constrictor cannot be harmed by its body, and the python’s stomach will secrete highly corrosive gastric juice to digest food.

X-ray image of a crocodile inside a python

So the python was not strangled to death, how did it die? there is only one truth

Seeing the neat incision on the python’s stomach, the nearby residents thought that the python had swallowed humans, so they killed the python for verification, cut open its stomach, and found that it was a crocodile. However, many marketing accounts reported the pictures of the python’s stomach being broken as the python swallowed the crocodile to death or was slipped by the crocodile’s claws to tear the stomach.


Nature is natural selection, survival of the fittest, what kind of two kinds of creatures are likely to fight and prey, and humans, as the strongest animals, should not kill wild animals at will.



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