Good! Low Income and Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA, as well as Medicare and Seniors

Good! Low Income and Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA, as well as Medicare and Seniors

Some good news for the low-income and fixed-income beneficiaries of Social Security retirement SSDI survivors, SSI VA and RRB. I have all the details and everything you need to know right here on this topic. Let’s get right into it, but really fast before we do it.

But I am your one and only daily advocate and I’m very much dedicated to you and this community to do all the research to boil it all down into these short topics so that you can stay updated with all of these changes as they continue to happen. All right, So as of right now, I think all of us recognize that there are a lot of moving parts with many different things that continue to happen right here, right now.

Well, believe it or not, there actually are some pretty encouraging reports out there right now and some things that are currently being worked on for the low income and the fixed income. I know it’s really hard to believe. Right. Even as I come across this information, I feel like, wait, what is this actually some good news for the low income? So yeah, there actually are some things out there.

And I want to talk through the details of this topic. Now, here’s the thing. I have a few different reports and some updates for you on this topic that I want to talk through that will directly impact the low income and the fixed income. So let’s talk through these one at a time. So first off, I want to talk about the public health emergency declaration.

As of right now, this is set to expire in about seven days. Well, let me give the latest details on this because here’s the thing you might be wondering, what do we really care about the public health emergency declaration? We actually care a lot because here’s the thing. It will directly impact the low income and the fixed income when this is allowed to expire. However, let me tell you the latest details and the reports I’ve been reading on this, and what we can anticipate within the next seven or so days.

So here’s what I’m reading on this. They have said prior to this expiring, they will give us a 60-day heads up. In other words, they have not given us a 60-day heads up. So this would anticipate that at some point between now and the next seven days before this thing actually expires, that we should be getting an announcement saying we’re going to be extending it, which would be a big deal and would actually be a big win for the low income and the fixed income. Let me give you one quick example.

Why as soon as this is allowed to expire, about 15 million people immediately will lose their health care coverage. Those people who are on Medicaid right now, there’s about 15 million people out there who will immediately lose Medicaid coverage. That’s just one example of why the public health emergency declaration is a very important thing. And as soon as this thing expires, it will impact a lot of low-income people. Let me give you another quick example.

Right now, there are millions of people receiving the extra allotment for your Snap benefits. As soon as the public health emergency declaration expires, that allotment is gone, it will not be allowed to be sent out anymore. These are just a couple of quick examples. Also, let me give you one more quick example. Why the public health emergency declaration is in place is a pretty good thing.

Here’s why. Right now, the States and the federal government have special privileges that they can actually exercise right now with this declaration in place, as soon as that declaration expires or is removed, all of these special privileges are no longer allowed to be exercised. So it’s very important that this thing stays in place. So here’s what I’m seeing from the reports. They will likely be doing an extension on this.

Again, a big win. This is a good thing, and we should be getting that announcement here within the next seven or so days to let us know how long this extension will be. Now, another thing, too. As long as this declaration is put in place, the governments, as in the state governments and the federal governments, have basically a better justification for sending out extra money benefits, stimulus checks, monthly checks, all kinds of these different things. Provided this declaration is in place, they basically have a pretty good justification for sending out more benefits.

If this is allowed to expire or it is removed, it’s going to be a harder kind of an uphill battle for them to actually send out more money, benefits, checks, all kinds of stuff like this. So that one is a very big one that we got to watch very closely. Next, I want to leave this one out for you as well. Within the next few days here, we should be getting another very key announcement on the final decision that came out of Medicare just the other day on that Alzheimer’s prescription. Again, this is likely going to be reducing the Medicare Part B premium.

I’ve been seeing some information on this, and according to what I’ve been reading on this, they will be making an announcement here, which will likely be an announcement to reduce the Medicare Part B premium, which I know a lot of you right here in this community are living on a fixed income benefit, and you have Medicare Part B therefore, you’re paying on that high premium, $170 every single month, and that is likely going to be reduced. So that is going to be another big announcement here coming within the matter of the next few days. Here is pretty good stuff. Here’s another thing I want to throw out there.

Now, I think at this point, all of us are probably completely sick and tired of the whole COVID situation. Right? I think a lot of us are feeling like we’re totally over it. We want to be done. But let me tell you the latest details out of Dr. Faucie. He was just out a couple of days ago and said we’re likely going to be seeing an uptick in cases here over the next few weeks, and we’re likely going to be seeing another surge this coming fall. Well, guess what? Fall is only like four and a half months away. It’s not that far away.

My point is it’s going to be coming really fast here. So according to what Dr. Faucey is saying, we’re likely going to be seeing this another surge here coming later this year in just a handful of months. Well, here’s the thing. As sick and tired of COVID as we are, all the restrictions, all the COVID stuff going on out there, we also have to remember, too.

On the other hand, COVID is the reason why we got stimulus checks in the first place. Okay, so I’m not saying like, oh, Covet is a good thing. Let’s hope that it comes back. I’m not saying that at all. But we also have to remember, too, Covid is the reason why we got stimulus checks.

That’s the whole reason why the economy kind of shut down in early 2020, why we’ve had all these restrictions put in place, why we’ve had the public health emergency declaration put in place, why we’ve had extra benefits for Snap Beneficiaries, why we’ve had all of these extra benefits out there for millions of people who are low income or fixed income. So the point that I want to make here with this is even though COVID is annoying, even though COVID is no fun, even though COVID, we want it to go away and never come back, the deal is if we get another surge a little bit later this year, even on one hand, it’s a bad thing. On the other hand, it may be kind of a good thing for all of us who are looking for additional benefits, money, stimulus checks, anything like this, anything could come of this. So here’s another thing that I want to throw out there as well. We’ve talked about this in separate topics, but I want to throw this out there.

Let’s just say that as we approach fall, COVID cases start to spike. Let’s just say August time copy cases start to spike again. I’m not the doctor. I’m not the expert. I’m just simply laying out a hypothetical example just to say just if this actually happens?

Let’s just say August rolls around. Summer is kind of winding down. Fall is starting to roll in. Pretty soon, Covid cases are starting to spike. Well, guess what happens in a couple of months after that?

Two months later, the midterm elections come up. Surprising, surprising. Guess what may happen? They might come out and say, hey, check it out. Cold cases are spiking.

Restrictions are being put in place. The midterm elections are coming up. What can we really do to get the attention of the American people? I don’t know. Maybe send out a check.

My point is I have no clue what the future is going to hold for us. I have no clue. I’m not a fortune teller, I’m not a Palm Raider, I am not a psychic But my point is, a little bit later this year, if all of the stars align and everything comes together, Covid starts spiking again. The midterm elections are coming up. Congress is looking for a way to secure some votes. They may be looking for a quick fix and say, hey, maybe we could allocate, I don’t know, a couple of hundred billion dollars and send out some checks for the people who are still struggling right now. Again, just throwing out an example of something that may possibly come.

Here’s the thing we know that Congress, they want to do some things ahead of the midterm elections. This is a key kind of timeline that we have been looking at. And Congress has also indicated we’ve got to get these projects done before the midterm elections, including the newly revised to build back better agenda, the plans that we’ve talked about in separate topics like the SSI Restoration Act, the Social Security 2100, as well as a variety of other projects that they want to get done before the midterm elections. Who says that they won’t also come on at that time and say, what about a check? Remember that?

Remember back in what was it like late 2020 way before the elections again, what were they talking about throughout the summer and the early fall of 2020? Remember all the packages we saw talking about monthly stimulus checks? There were all kinds of stimulus checks being introduced at the time. Do you remember that? The Heroes Act, the Heels Act, we saw multiple other proposals coming out.

There multiple trillions of dollars coming out. That was right before the election. Do you remember that time? I certainly do. Anyway, my point is it’s going to be an interesting time rolling up over the next few months here as we approach the midterm elections and all of these other things that are happening out there anyway, short term, there are some good things going on out there. There’s some encouraging information for the low income and the fixed income. And of course, we’re waiting for those couple of key announcements here over the next few days.

And as we do get those, of course, I’ll be right back here for you breaking it all down, helping you out in any way that I possibly can, and making sure that you’re staying updated with everything going on. So I’m here for you. Thanks for being part of this community. I truly appreciate it. I’m here for you in any way that I possibly can be.

Please leave your comments and questions and your feedback down below. I do read as many comments as I possibly can and I do respond to as many comments as I can each and every day. And of course, I make dedicated topics as necessary to help you out in any way that I can. So again, we’ve got to stick together through this time and there’s some pretty good stuff out there right now.¬†share the video with your friends, family, and on social media. Please enjoy your day. Stay safe out there and I’ll catch you again later in the next update. Thanks again bye.



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