Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Progressive Car Insurance Costs 2021 USA

Progressive car insurance costs 2021. according to study data progressives, the average insurance rate is 1334. this earns a sixth-place ranking among the nine companies we evaluated when it comes to pricing the average rate for all nine companies in our study is one thousand three hundred twenty-one dollars progressives rate is just one percent higher than this rate still there’s a pretty big price difference between progressives rate and those of the least expensive insurance carriers in our study our research shows that usaa has the lowest average rate coming in at 875 dollars.

progressives rate is 52 percent more expensive than usaas study data shows that all state american families and farmers all have higher rates than progressive while state farm travelers geico nationwide and usaa all come in with lower rates keep in mind that what you pay will depend upon several factors including what proportion coverage you select to shop for your age where you reside your driving record and far more.


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