Raise to Monthly benefits from Social Security, SSDI, SSI beneficiaries – Let’s Get It!

Raise to Monthly benefits from Social Security, SSDI, SSI beneficiaries - Let’s Get It!

It is time for a raise to monthly benefits, including Social Security, retirement, disability, SSDI survivors, SSI, VA, and RRB. I have all the details and everything we need to discuss right here on this topic.

Well, one of those headlines that I was sharing with you is the announcement out of Nancy Pelosi that she’s going to be raising House staffers to pay up to $45,000 per year and raising the Max pay for representatives to over $200,000 per year. There are many people living in this country right now, 65 to 70 million beneficiaries of fixed income benefits, like all those benefits I mentioned at the beginning of this topic who are living at or even below the federal poverty line. So I want to come together on this topic and see what we can do to reach out to Nancy Pelosi as well as many other high profile lawmakers and remind them once again, that now is the time to act on a raise, whether permanent or short term, for all of these fixed-income beneficiaries. So I do want to talk through some specific details about that.

I’m here for you on your behalf every single day, doing whatever I possibly can to help you out, as well as make sure that you’re staying updated with everything going on with all of these headlines and reports that pertain to all of us and how they’re going to impact us going forward.

All right, so here’s what we got to do. I saw a few of you down in the comments section on that previous topic saying it’s time to reach out to Congress once again with one of those infamous letters and remind them that we either need a permanent raise to benefits or we need a temporary rise to benefits until they can get a permanent solution put in place. I totally agree with you.

So here’s what I want to do for you. I want to reach out to you and ask you, what do you want this to be? By all means, I will write the letter. No problem at all. I will write it.

I will draft it. I will bring it to you and get your approval on it before we send it out. And then I’ll be happy to send it out to as many people throughout Congress as we absolutely need to the high profile people in the House of Representatives, the President, as well as many senators out there who also have a significant say in everything, goes on. So with that being said, I want to ask you again.

I’m very much dedicated to you. So please give me your feedback. What would you like this letter to say, by the way, I will draft this thing. What I will do is I will read through as many comments as I possibly can. Now, again, to be totally transparent and honest with you, I read as many comments as I possibly can.

so that I can get some feedback from you and get some ideas as far as how should we draft this letter? Should we ask them again to bring back the $200 per month raise, maybe through the rest of the year or something like this? Should we ask them for more?

Should we ask them for less? Should we ask them for a one time lump sum stimulus check? Should we ask them for monthly ongoing payments? As far as stimulus checks, what should we be asking for? So that’s what I want to ask you for on this topic is help me out.

Seriously, what do you want? Give me your feedback again. I want to do what is best for you. Now Previously, what I’ve done usually is I write the letters, I bring them to you and say, here’s what I’ve got.

Tell me what I can do to amend this. But this time I’m going to change the format a little bit. I’m coming to you first. Before I even sit down to write anything, I’m going to ask you for some of this feedback and give me what you want on this letter. And then, of course, I will go through and as always, I like to make these letters as short as possible.

I like them to make them straight to the point, because, as I always say, the shorter that the letter is and the more straight to the point it is, the higher likelihood somebody’s going to read it. If I type up a full one page document or a two page or four page document, honestly, they’re probably not going to read it. If they read anything, they’re going to read maybe the first two lines, that’s it, right? So that’s why I want to make it very straight to the point. I want to make it short, but also very powerful in the few sentences that I’m going to use to convey the messages that we want to make out to Congress to let them know exactly what we’re thinking right now.

So anyway, it’s all on you at this point. If you’re comfortable sharing some ideas as far as what you may want included, by all means, please leave those down below. I will do my best to read all the comments. And again, if you’re not comfortable sharing, that’s totally fine, too. I totally get it.

Not everybody is comfortable, and that’s okay. So what I’ll do is I’ll read through the comments section and I’ll find kind of the trends. Right, I’ll try to read through the trends and find the different commonalities between many of the different requests that are out there right now between all of you in this community. I’ll compile them and see what I can do to put them all together.

And again, if I come across one or two suggestions here or there that seem really good, that maybe are not being mentioned by a lot of people, but at the end of the day, I think are really good, again, maybe I’ll throw it in there and then we’ll come together and we’ll all kind of convene on this whole thing and see, OK, what’s the best approach on this? Right? So again, I want to do whatever I can for you. And again, like I always say, I’m your one and only daily advocate, and as this person, I want to continue doing this. So let me know your feedback down below.

And I totally agree with you. That message out of Nancy Pelosi, where she wants to raise House staff pay up to 45 grand a year to what they’re saying, a livable wage. Again, I think this is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. Honestly, it’s rubbing me the wrong way, too, because I feel like $45,000. Okay, fine.

You know what I mean? Whatever. If that’s what they have to say is a livable wage. But here’s the thing again, I’m going to say it. I’ve said it so many times.

What about the 65 to 70 million beneficiaries who have a wage or a benefit that’s nowhere even near 45 grand a year? I mean, we’re talking $10,000 a year, right. For a lot of people, that’s below the federal poverty line by thousands of dollars. So if we want to talk about a livable wage, maybe we should talk about the people that are way below what they’re considering a livable wage. Right.

Maybe we should start there first and work our way up rather than maybe starting at whatever the staffers make. Honestly, I don’t even know what they make right now. But the fact is they’re going to get bumped up to $45,000 a year starting pay, by the way, as of September 1 of this year. And oh, yeah, by the way, if you want to become a House representative, as I talked about in my last topic. Yeah.

You can earn up to $203,000 to basically work like what, three months a year maybe. Yeah. Anyway, we don’t need to go down that road right now because it’s just going to open up a whole other can of worms. And it’s probably just going to aggravate all of us a little bit even more to see what goes on. Right.

So anyway, I don’t know. Let me know your feedback down below. Again, I’m going to do my best to read as many comments as I can here. I anticipate there’s probably going to be a lot of them, but a lot of really great suggestions. Just like the previous video where we’ve made letters like this talking about it.

I know that a lot of you have a lot of really great ideas. Again, if you’ve ever heard the concept of a mastermind, it’s exactly what we’re talking about right here. Multiple minds, thousands of minds put together are far more powerful than just one, obviously. Right? So that’s what we’re kind of doing here, all coming together to convene, to make basically like one big mind here where we can all come together and share some ideas, share some concepts, whatever we are looking for.

And again, everybody’s situation is different. Therefore, one person may be looking for an extra $200 a month. One person may need $500, somebody else may say, hey, I don’t really need ongoing payments. I just need a one time lump sum payment, things like this. And again, everybody’s situation is different.

So the need across the board is very different, which is again, very good, because it gives us better perspective as far as what is everybody needing right now, cumulatively, right across the board, what does everybody need as a whole? Not just the perspective of one person or even just a small group. Right. It’s a big collection here. That’s the power behind this.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts down below. I’m doing my best to help you out in any way that I can. I know lately here I’ve been getting a ton of pushback. I’ve been getting a ton of really mean comments down below. And honestly, I just want to do whatever I can hear.

I’m doing my best. I’m finding the updates for you, I’m finding the research and doing whatever I can to boil it down for you here and just do what I can to help you out. So again, I know I’m not perfect, but I’m doing what I can. Anyway, please subscribe down below. If you haven’t done so yet, share the topic with your friends, family, and on social media.

I’m excited to read your comments and I’m excited to start writing on your behalf. And then, of course, as soon as I get something drafted, I’ll bring it right back here for you we can all kind of come together on it. And again, I’d love to hear your feedback once I get it drafted. But again, that will probably be a little while from now. I don’t know, maybe a day, maybe two, whatever how long it takes you to get some comments down below and start writing this whole thing.

But I’m excited to see what you have to say. Thanks again.

Whatever you have to say. I’m an open book at this point, right? I appreciate anything you have to say down below. So again, thank you so much. I’ll catch you later bye.


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