Social Security Update – Surprising Details Just Released

Social Security Update - Surprising Details Just Released

Social Security and some surprising details that were just released. I have all the information and everything you need to know right here in the topic, so let’s get right into it. Alright? I don’t think it is any surprise to anybody right now that it is becoming increasingly difficult to live on a small fixed income. In fact, I think many of us right here in this community can attest to how difficult it is becoming to live on a fixed income benefit right now with this rapidly rising inflation.

Well, as a result of that, I want to share with you a new report that was just released showing some surprising details about fixed income beneficiaries and what is really going on for a large percentage of Americans right here, right now. So let’s get into it and discuss all of these details, however, really fast before we do, thank you so much for joining me. If you want to stay up to date with everything going on in regards to Social Security, retirement, SSDI Survivors, SSI, VA, and RRB, as well as new bills, new pieces of legislation, changes to these programs, as in reform, raises to benefits, as well as checks, programs and money and anything else we can possibly get our hands on right now. As I am you’re one and only daily advocate and I’m doing all the research each and every day.

Which I boil down into the short topics and deliver them to you a couple of times throughout the day so you can stay updated with what is actually going on right here. Right now. As there are so many changes on the table and multiple different lawmakers out there who want to change these programs in a really big way.

And I’ll continue to be here for you, right by your side every single day to keep you updated and to help you out in any way that I possibly can. All right, thanks again, I appreciate it. Let’s get into it and talk about this new report and showing what is really going on right now for low income and fixed income Americans. All right, so this report was actually just released and I want to show you the details about this. And I think many of you here in this community are probably not going to be all that surprised, but one simple solution about what is going on right now could change the lives of millions of people in a pretty big way and realistically, it wouldn’t even cost that much and it would be super easy to implement if they happen to do this.

All right, so as of right now, this report is showing that 9.7% of American adults right now are struggling with food insecurity. So 9.7% of adults that’s a huge percentage. Nearly 10% of the adults in the United States right now are struggling with food insecurity. In other words, not enough food on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis, things like this, right? That’s what it comes down to.

Well, they also found in this report that the vast majority of this 9.7% of Americans that are cited in this report are actually seniors and or fixed income beneficiaries of all those benefits that I mentioned just a minute or so ago. Well, as a result of that, that’s pretty sad. Again. Showing just how difficult it really is right now to continue to live on these fixed income benefits because as we all know. Again.

We’ve talked about it so many times with all this inflation and raising the prices on literally everything. What’s happening is your $900 benefit or your $841 monthly benefit is being divided up between rent. Utilities. Your phone bill. Food.

Gas in your car and then oh wait. All the money is gone now what? Well, you need a place to live so you’re probably not going to sacrifice your rent all that much. You need to get around every so often. So you probably want to keep at least a little bit of gas in your car.

Where’s the one place that you could possibly sacrifice? Yeah, unfortunately, it’s coming down to food for a lot of people and especially right now with how hot it’s been all around the country. You can’t really sacrifice on your utility bills either because if you do, then all of a sudden your air conditioning gets turned off and that could be a potentially dangerous situation. So unfortunately, a lot of people are cutting back on food because that’s where they can see, hey, if I can’t pay for something, I guess I just need to eat one meal a day. Well, that’s a pretty sad situation.

Here’s what they found by doing this, with this one report alone, they found that just by increasing Social Security benefits by 10%, that’s it 10%. Which actually, realistically, with everything going on and the current inflation rates right now, we’re actually anticipating we could potentially even be seeing a 10% or even more raise to your monthly benefits as a result of the cost of living adjustments for next year in 2023. But the deal is everybody needs the money now, not in six months from now. Right? So anyway, that’s another major issue.

But this report went on to show that raising benefits by just 10% across the board would eliminate food insecurity for millions and millions of adults and of course, fixed-income beneficiaries. So just this one simple little change, that’s all it would really take. So basically what they’re showing with this is just by giving everybody an extra $100 a month on average, again, it could be $100 10% per beneficiary would be different, obviously, if it was an SSI beneficiary, that would be $84 a month. If it was somebody receiving $1,000, obviously that would be $100. So again, it ranges a little bit, but in general, they’re saying about 10% a month of a raise per beneficiary would change this food insecurity situation for millions and millions of beneficiaries.

So, as you can see right here, one simple little change would change the lives of millions of people in a really big way, as actually revealed by this report. So, I thought this was super interesting and again, a super easy solution that could be implemented very easily if they just wanted to do it, or they could even do something better, which would be raise Snap benefits or increase the eligibility, as in open the eligibility requirements, or basically the eligibility doors for anybody who wants to start claiming Social Security benefits. And what we’re also seeing right now too, is over the last couple of months here, we’ve been seeing how many of these states have started to phase out the extra allotment for Snap beneficiaries. So during the time right now, when inflation continues to rise, prices continue to rise on literally everything, there’s scarcity when it comes down to some different food products and different things like this. And all of a sudden, they’re cutting back on all these states out there that are sending out the extra allotment.

Does any of this make sense? Again, I wish that I could have a little bit more control over the rules here, because this simply does not make sense. During a time right now when things are becoming increasingly more difficult, they’re taking benefits away. Again, doesn’t really make sense to me, right. During the time when things are becoming increasingly difficult, shouldn’t it be easier to get benefits and to get extra assistance?

You would think so, right? Well, unfortunately, that’s not exactly the case that we’re currently dealing with. However, hopefully, things will be changing relatively soon here. But just with this one simple report, it shows here that once again, fixed income beneficiaries are the people who are struggling the most right now. And of course, one simple change could change the lives of millions of people just with food insecurity.

Because that’s the unfortunate part, is many people are having to make the decision of where should I sacrifice this month? I get $900 a month, or I get 841 a month, or I get $920 a month for my benefit, and I can use X dollars for rent, x dollars for my utilities, and all of a sudden, the money’s gone before you know it. And then it turns into a situation where I forgot, or more like, I don’t know what I’m going to do now because I don’t have any money left for food. Right? So, anyway, I’ve also been seeing multiple reports coming out that they continue to see these massive surges of more people coming into food banks all across the country right now.

I’ve actually been seeing reports like this for probably about three months or so where many of these food banks all across the country are seeing surges of people coming in right now of anywhere between 20%. 30%. Even 40% to 60% in some instances across the country right now. Where some of these food banks just simply are seeing huge. Huge surges of people coming in because again.

For the same reasons we just covered. The money is not there to buy all the food that’s necessary. Therefore, people are relying on food banks right now, which is again is a great resource and by all means, if you need to take advantage of them, please take advantage of them. But here’s also the problem with this. I’ve also been reading multiple reports on this where some of these food banks are coming out and saying we don’t have profit margins here because all of our items are free, 100% free all the time.

As prices continue to increase on everything, as supply is limited on different food items, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get the necessary food items that we need for all the people that we need to help on a weekly basis. So what they’re finding is that as the prices continue to rise on all of this, their funding is drying up more quickly. Because maybe before let’s just give an example. Let’s just say they were able to buy, say, two tons of food, for example. I’m just giving an example here.

Let’s just say they were able to buy two tons of food per week or something like this. Now they’re able to buy only one ton of food for the same amount of money. Can you get what I’m saying? I’ve been seeing multiple reports about this where they’re just simply running out of food, as in the money is not there to buy the necessary volume of food that they actually need for all the people coming in trying to get extra help right now. So what a sad situation.

Seriously. There’s so much going on right now. It is unbelievable to see these reports that are coming out and frankly, it’s just really sad to see so many people that are struggling on an ongoing basis and it seems like they’re not really doing anything as far as the policies to change anything about this. It’s just so weird to me that it’s so blatantly obvious what needs to be done and how many people are struggling. And then to see Congress and everybody else basically doing nothing about it, they know what’s going on, but yet they’re like sitting on the sidelines just kind of waiting the whole thing out.

I don’t know, seems like something’s going to crack at some point, right? That’s what it would seem like to me. Because this is not sustainable for this many people to be struggling this much ongoing for long periods of time. Something’s got to give, right? It’s just not simply sustainable.

Anyway, I’ve also been talking about hearing previous topics. There’s many different studies that are coming out right now showing that large percentages of the population are living paycheck to paycheck. Again, significantly higher than what previously historically has been living paycheck to paycheck.

So again, like I’ve been saying, something’s got to give at some point. When is this kind of thing going to crack, right? At what point are they finally going to throw in the towel and say, okay, too many people are struggling right now. There’s food insecurity all across the country and of course, there’s food shortages all across the globe right now, which could potentially be getting even significantly worse here over the coming months, depending on what happens with some of that grain supply in other countries. But again, all of this is coming full circle now.

As I’ve been talking about for literally 3456 months now, I’ve been saying you’ve got to watch this stuff very closely. And as I’ve been saying for probably the same amount of time, 3456 months, I’ve been saying if there’s any chance that you can go out to the store and you can pick up an extra box of pasta, a couple of cans of soup, stuff like this. I know that money is really tight, but I’ve just been saying this for a long time now. If there’s any chance that you could pick up a few items here and there, one can of soup a week or whatever it happens to be, an extra box of pasta just to stick back. That’s not going to go bad in a week, but something you can refer on in, say, six months from right now.

Well, that would have been a pretty good move about six months ago because prices have gone up significantly and there are a lot of locations all around the country where pastas are kind of hard to get by these days because of the wheat shortages around the world. So, anyway, it’s kind of interesting, right? So, of course, I’ll continue to monitor the situation on any of this going forward as I get any more details on money, benefits, programs, raises to benefits, new bills, legislation, or anything else out there that we can possibly get our hands on. Of course, my dedication and my commitment is to be here for you, helping you out. Grab as much as you possibly can right now.

So, again, thank you so much for joining me. I really do appreciate it. stay updated with everything going on in regards to money, benefits, stimulus, as well as checks, programs, and anything else regarding fixed-income benefits like Social Security, SSDI, retirement survivors, SSI, VA, and RRB, as well as seniors, older adults, and of course, people with disabilities. So again, thanks so much for visiting our site. Share the topic with your friends, family, and on social media.

Until next time, have a nice day, enjoy, and I’ll catch you again later on the next topic.



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