“Birdman” really exist? It is 2 meters wide when you open your wings, but unfortunately it has been hunted down by humans

"Birdman" really exist? It is 2 meters wide when you open your wings, but unfortunately it has been hunted down by humans

“Birdman” really exists? It is 2 meters wide when you open your wings, but unfortunately, it has been hunted down by humans

Most people are familiar with eagles, but have you heard of the Harpy Eagle? If not, don’t worry, today we’ll talk about this ferocious bird. The Harpy Eagle is one of the world’s most human-like flying species, and is said to resemble a bird person. Let’s take a look!

The Harpy Eagle, also known as the American Harpy Eagle, is a large raptor with a robust beak and claws, and is a carnivorous species. It is mainly found in the Americas and is the national bird of Panama. It likes to inhabit open plains, grasslands, deserts, and low hills. It is known as one of the largest flying animals in the world, and is also one of the most ferocious.

Many people’s first reaction upon seeing a Harpy Eagle is not fear, but surprise. How can there be a person wearing feather clothes dressed up as a bird person standing there? How much does the Harpy Eagle resemble a human?

The Harpy Eagle is 89-102 cm long, has a wingspan of 176-224 cm, and weighs 4-4.8 kg for males and 6-9 kg for females. It is the largest and most robust raptor in the Americas, and is also one of the largest eagles in the world, surpassed only by the monkey-eating eagle.

The Harpy Eagle has a long tail, wide and round wings, and a wingspan of over two meters when spread. Its legs and claws are also very powerful, with the hind claw reaching up to 6 centimeters in length and very strong. Comparing its claws to those of a chicken, anyone who has been grabbed by a chicken knows how strong they are, so it is certain that the Harpy Eagle’s strength is even greater, and its claws are definitely very formidable.

So if you see a Harpy Eagle in the wild, don’t be foolish and think it’s a bird-man and not run away. If the Harpy Eagle sees you as prey, you might not be able to escape its grasp, and you could end up as its meal.

Just imagine, when we accidentally cut our hand while peeling fruit, it hurts and blood flows out. If the Harpy Eagle’s claws were to pierce our skin, wouldn’t it be even more painful? So we should be grateful that the Harpy Eagle is not our natural predator and is not interested in us humans, otherwise the consequences would not be so simple.

However, monkeys, sloths, raccoons and other mammals are not so lucky. The Harpy Eagle’s claw strength can lift up to 179 kilograms and more than three-quarters of its own body weight in prey, even capturing water opossums, which can’t escape its grasp.

But the Harpy Eagle’s favorite prey is monkeys and sloths, so let’s make a bold imagination: in ancient times, before humans evolved, did our ancestors ever fall victim to its attack? Of course, this is not impossible, after all, the Harpy Eagle is still very strong.

Why is the harpy eagle considered the most human-like flying species? It’s because its name is related to a Greek mythological creature called Harpy. Harpy was a monster with the face of a human and the body of an eagle, responsible for carrying the dead to the god of the underworld, Hades. This is also why the harpy eagle appears a bit aloof and cold, leading many to believe it resembles a bird-human hybrid.

Finally, due to human deforestation and hunting, harpy eagles are rarely seen in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, and only in remote areas of the Amazon Rainforest. Therefore, humans must be reminded to stop deforestation, protect nature, and cherish every life.

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