It is the most powerful bird of prey in the Americas

It is the most powerful bird of prey in the Americas

It is the most powerful bird of prey in the Americas

Birds are animals we often see, but occasionally we forget about the rich diversity of this species. For example, the Harpy Eagle, which is listed as a national treasure animal in South America, is the largest eagle in the world. It has a grip strength of up to 180 kilograms, but also has a quite interesting appearance, which is very fascinating!

▼ The Harpy Eagle, also known as the Habi Eagle, is the national bird of Panama and is also included in the national emblem. The Harpy Eagle is currently one of the largest and strongest eagles in the world. It can grow up to one meter tall and has extremely sturdy feet to support its weight.


▼ The Harpy Eagle is the most powerful raptor in the Americas, but in recent years it has been on the brink of extinction and can only be found in remote Amazon forests.


▼ The sharp claws at the end of the Harpy Eagle’s body are its weapons for hunting. Its claws have a grip strength of over 180 kilograms, and can grab and kill its prey before eating it. The Harpy Eagle’s attack power is described as being as strong as a grizzly bear, and it is not difficult to imagine its strength.


▼ The Harpy Eagle’s prey mainly consists of small mammals that inhabit trees, such as spider monkeys, coatis, and occasionally other birds.


▼ The Harpy Eagle is capable of grabbing objects that weigh over three-quarters of its own weight, and when flying, it makes very little noise. When it spreads its wings and locks onto its prey, it is difficult for the prey to escape from its grasp.


▼ In addition to its amazing hunting ability, the appearance of the Harpy Eagle is also stunning. Its head has upright grey-black feathers, adding to its aura as a top predator.


▼ Interestingly, although the Harpy Eagle’s profile exudes a sense of coolness, its face looks very “cute and silly”, which is also one of the reasons it has become famous online due to the contrast in its appearance.

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