Just In! Bernie Sanders Announcement, New Stimulus Check Update

Just In! Bernie Sanders Announcement, New Stimulus Check Update

Just in, a new announcement out of Bernie Sanders. Also, a new $1000 guarantee, basic income program for the low income, and an announcement out of the Treasury Secretary. And lastly, some new information out of the administration, administration, and out of the President. I have all the details and everything you need to know right here on this topic.

All right. So as you probably noticed at the beginning of this video, we have a lot to talk about in this one. So let’s buzz our way through these headlines one at a time. First off, let’s quickly talk about the announcement out of the Treasury Secretary, which, by the way, the Treasury Secretary is Janet Yellen. Now, a number of years ago, she previously was the chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, but now she is the Treasury Secretary.

So she was out recently saying that because of all of the global food instability and food supply, with everything going on globally right now, they are estimating that roughly 10 million people will be falling into poverty this year because of food instability. Now, that is a really sad announcement. And realistically, nobody should be put in that position. But let me tell you the details about this. So here’s the deal.

As a result of the global conflict between Russia and Ukraine, these two countries right now produce about 14% of the global wheat supply, as well as other grains like corn, barley, and of course, soybeans. But here’s the deal. Their main export is actually wheat, and they account for a large portion of the global wheat supply. As a result of that, there are likely going to be food shortages because realistically, they probably can’t export a lot of that wheat that the world needs right now. Therefore, there will be global food shortages going forward.

And as a result of that, their estimation is roughly 10 million people are going to fall into poverty as a result of that. So super sad situation. And honestly, I feel like if they already foresee that 10 million people are going to be falling into poverty because of this, I think we all probably know the solution, right? If people don’t have the money because food prices are going up significantly right now, maybe we should get some money into the pockets of the people so that they can buy the necessary food that they need. I don’t know.

That’s just my estimation and what I would say to do. But again, I don’t really have control over this stuff. I’m not a lawmaker and I am certainly not a person that has the authority to do that. But again, just saying it would simply be a nice, easy solution to help out a lot of people right now with rapidly rising food prices along with everything else right now. But anyway, that is the announcement out of the Treasury Secretary.

But let’s just hope that everybody has enough food going forward and that we don’t actually have these issues that we’re actually anticipating with the supply chain and food shortages and all that stuff. I mean, honestly, that’s kind of scary stuff. Because let’s be real here for just a second. If our utilities get shut off or things like that, we can probably still be just fine. But the deal is if we don’t have money for food, that’s kind of a problem, right?

You can’t really go very long without food. So my point is you can go for a little while without air conditioning, but you can’t really go that long without food. So yeah, sad, sad stuff. Anyway, that’s the announcement out there. So I want to keep you posted with that.

Let’s move on now and talk about some new information about the administration. So the administration and the President were out announcing that 40,000 federal student loan borrowers are going to have their federal student loans canceled. Not bad, right? So a couple of weeks ago, we know that the President was out actually extending out the federal student loan for Ben’s period that was actually supposed to be ending at the end of April, but rather or I should say the beginning of May. But now they’ve actually extended it out once again, out until the end of August.

So technically, as of right now, starting on September 1, those federal student loan payments are supposed to be restarting, but they’ve already indicated they will be extending it out once again after that or completely just straight up canceling all of the federal student loans. I do know that there are some of you here in the community that do have federal student loans because I’ve seen your comments down below. So if you do have those federal student loans, by all means right now for the next few months, you’re good to go. You don’t need to pay on those. And let’s just cross our fingers that if you’re in that position, maybe they’ll do something for you, maybe they’ll cancel yours, or maybe you’re on the list right now of one of these 40,000 people that will have their federal student loans completely canceled, gone, just disappeared.

That’d be pretty cool, right? I mean, just imagine if you have a mortgage or if you have personal loans or an auto loan or credit card debt, something like that. How cool would it be if they just came in and it was just gone one day? I don’t know. That’d be pretty cool, right?

If all of a sudden they send you a letter or they didn’t do anything, all of a sudden you just look at your statement or your bank account or whatever, and all of a sudden it’s like, hey, I don’t have any more debt. Pretty cool stuff, right? Well, that’s the reality for about 400 federal student loan borrowers going forward right now. So anyway, of course, I want to keep you posted with that. All right, Let’s quickly talk about another report here that just came out talking about the president’s fiscal sorry, the 2023 fiscal year budget. Now, this was announced probably about three, maybe four weeks ago. The President came out and announced a $5.8 trillion 2023 fiscal year budget. Well, within it, it contains all kinds of little goodies little projects here and there, things like that. There’s not a whole lot in there for the low income, but there are a few things that should help out the low income, the fixed income seniors, elderly, of course, and people with disabilities, a lot of which are you right here in this community.

And again, thank you so much for being here. I truly do appreciate you. But anyway, let me tell you the details about this. So a few quick things out of the federal budget. Again, I just want to say this much.

There’s not a ton in there. I’m just being real with you. But there are a few little things that I saw in a report today. Now, number one, there is some work in there and some funding to actually reduce prescription prices. Number two, reduce healthcare premiums.

That would be a nice one, right? Who enjoys paying for their health care? Not I certainly don’t enjoy paying for it. I’m not sure about you, but the premiums are never any fun to pay. Right?

They’re very expensive. And right now, that extra money would be really nice to spend on probably something else. Right. And then not only that, expansion of Medicaid. So I do know that a lot of you here in the community as well are also receiving maybe SSI or on Medicaid.

As of right now, there are about 78 to 79 or 80 million people on Medicaid. Now, why did I say 78, 79 or 80 million? Because I’ve seen varying numbers. I’ve seen 78.9 million. I’ve seen 79 million.

I’ve even seen 80 million. So I think in some reports that I’ve seen, maybe they’re just rounding the numbers, but give or take a million or two, there are about 80 million people that are on Medicaid right now. So expansion of Medicaid would be good for a lot of people. Right? That’d be some pretty cool stuff.

All right. Let’s move on now and talk about this new $1,000 per month guaranteed basic income program, which would ultimately result in $24,000 in the pockets of the recipients because they’re going to do it for two years. Therefore, $1,000 per month times two years is $24,000 on top of any other income that you may be having. Not bad. Not a bad program, right?

$1,000 a month right now would certainly help out a lot of people, I think is a pretty good way. That’s even pretty exciting to even think about, right? Anyway, I have two programs here. I talked about one the other day, and I’m going to give you the latest details on that one, as well as this other one that just popped up as well. However, this one originally was actually announced by the governor maybe two months ago or so, but it actually just popped up again.

And they are reconsidering it right here, right now. It is in Baltimore, Maryland. So if you are in Baltimore, please listen up closely. They are looking at a two-year, 24-month guaranteed basic income program that would send out ongoing $1000 checks for the low income. This is a no strings attached payment.

In other words, you can do whatever you want with it. You can spend it, you can save it, you can buy food, you can buy a new car, you can buy a new microwave, you can buy a dog, you can buy a cat, you can buy a couch, you can buy a sandbox. Seriously, it doesn’t matter. My point is it’s a no strings attached payment. You can buy anything you want with it or you can save the money.

It doesn’t matter. It’s a no strings attached payment. That is what is so cool about guaranteed basic income programs. This one is in like I said, apparently, I have a hard time saying that Baltimore, Maryland. So if you’re in that area, please listen closely.

This is about all I know about it. As of right now, the governor was out about two months ago or so introducing this and talking about it. And as of today, apparently, they were reconsidering this one once again. So pretty cool stuff. I will keep you posted as you get more details on that one, but it looks pretty promising as of right now.

Also today in Austin, Texas, again, I talked about this one, I believe yesterday, maybe the day before Austin, Texas, they are considering also a $1,000 guaranteed basic income program. Apparently, they were considering it today formally. So in Austin, Texas, if you’re in that area again, listen up closely. That’s about all I know about it right now, as I do get more details. Of course, I’ll break it down for you.

I’ll let you know anything that I find. But pretty cool stuff in those two cities, Baltimore, Maryland, and apparently, and what is it, Austin, Texas? Those $2,000 a month. Not bad. Pretty cool stuff. One more thing really quickly. I know I’ve been talking about this one a few times over the last couple of days here, but let me tell you the details on this today. Chicago, the governor, as well as the legislature in Chicago or in the state of Illinois, I guess, or the government in Chicago. The city of Chicago was considering those $50,000, $150 prepaid gift cards or gas cards to be going out. So today they were considering them and want to see what the final word is on those.

But anyway, Chicago, they were throwing down today. So anyway, let’s move on now and talk about a new announcement out of Bernie Sanders. We haven’t heard anything about Bernie Sanders in a while, so he kind of disappeared for a while there. Not really. But honestly, we just haven’t really seen anything out of him or any new announcements.

But I do have something for you right here. Just a short time ago, an adviser to Bernie Sanders was out and said that if President Biden does not run for President in 2024, guess who is thinking about it. Yeah, you’re right. Bernie Sanders. Yeah, right.

So according to this adviser that was just out a couple of hours ago, Bernie Sanders would likely be running for President in 2024 if the current President does not run in 2024. So we will have to see what actually happens. That’s a long time from right now. It’s a few years away. But ultimately, they got to start planting the seeds now because the presidential elections, they take a while.

They need to start campaigning early and all the kinds of business they need to start getting their names out there, Get everybody acquainted with their policies that will never, ever be implemented again. That’s not a political statement. We just all recognize the whole game that they all play. They play a pretty good game, but then when it comes time to actually do something in office, we know the whole game, right? We know that virtually nothing ever gets done anyway.

Just saying right again, sorry not trying to make this a political statement Because I’m not at all. We all know it. It’s both parties. It’s all the people. They all do it.

They promise a ton and deliver almost nothing, right? So, I mean, we all know this, right? We can see through the smoke and mirrors. We’ve been around long enough. I think all of us recognize this.

And again, this is nothing against any party in particular. We’ve all seen it from everybody, right? So anyway, we just wish that they would actually follow through and do something that is promised to us Because ultimately, that is what we vote on, right? We vote on the promises that are given to us during the blow and smoke phase. Let’s just call it that.

Anyway, good thing nobody watches my videos until the end Because I don’t know, maybe this will get me in trouble. I don’t really know. I don’t really think so. My point is, I think all of us recognize the games that are all played between politics. Yeah

Anyway, these are the updates that I have for you as of right now. So thanks again for watching. I truly appreciate it. I do know that some of you watch until the end Because honestly, I see your comments. I do read through them and some comments come through right at the end because I see it.

You comment on things that I mentioned at the end of the topic, so I’m sure a few of you will be leaving comments down below saying haha, you’re funny or I don’t know what else you would say. I don’t know, but I appreciate your feedback Regardless of what it is that you say. So if you have any questions or comments, Leave that down below as well as feedback. I do read as many comments as I possibly can each and every day.

Enjoy your day and I’ll catch you later.



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