Panic! Sheep-headed human-faced “hell monster” found on South African farm

Panic! Sheep-headed human-faced "hell monster" found on South African farm

Panic! Sheep-headed human-faced “hell monster” found on South African farm

According to a report from the Daily Mail on June 22, in the small town of Lady Frere in the Republic of South Africa, a sheep gave birth to a “half-human, half-animal” monster. Local villagers were superstitious and insisted that this was the result of human-animal hybridization and demonic witchcraft, causing panic to spread everywhere.

The panic had a severe impact, and the Rural Development Department of the Eastern Cape Province immediately called in experts for testing and experimentation. After examination, it was determined that the malformed fetus was caused by the mother sheep being infected with a virus called Rift Valley Fever, which caused the fetal lamb to become deformed before it was fully formed.

The director of the Veterinary Services Center further explained that during the mother sheep’s pregnancy, the town had abundant rainfall and rampant mosquitoes, and the “monster” with a sheep’s body and a human face was infected with the virus during the early fetal development period. The infected sheep fetus could not develop normally and thus became deformed.

Experts refute claims, stating that sheep and humans have different numbers of chromosomes, with 28 and 23 pairs respectively. Even if a sheep’s egg cell were to encounter a human sperm cell, it would be impossible for a new life to be born. Therefore, although this animal monster appears to have human characteristics, it is actually not related to humans in any way.

The local government is currently conducting an autopsy on the animal monster and promises to inform the public of the results.

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