The top ten extinct animals, the first being the Arctic penguin, and the North American white wolf is on the list.

The top ten extinct animals, the first being the Arctic penguin, and the North American white wolf is on the list.

The top ten extinct animals, the first being the Arctic penguin, and the North American white wolf is on the list.

Although the development of technology has brought convenience to our lives, it has also caused irreversible damage to nature. Many animals have become extinct due to habitat destruction, and some have become extinct due to human hunting. Do you know which animals have already become extinct? The editor has compiled a ranking of extinct animals. Let’s follow the editor to see which animals have made it onto the top ten list of extinct animals in the world.

Top Ten Extinct Animals:

  1. Great Auk

The Great Auk was a flightless seabird that lived in the Arctic. Its belly had white feathers, and its back had smooth black feathers, making it look very similar to penguins in Antarctica. People called it the “Arctic Penguin,” but due to extensive hunting by sailors, this species of bird has been extinct.

  1. Baiji Dolphin

The Baiji Dolphin was the most precious extinct animal in China, and was also known as the “Goddess of the Yangtze River”. The Baiji Dolphin had lived in the Yangtze River since ancient times, but due to economic development, various electronic devices interfered with the Baiji Dolphin’s sonar system, and combined with environmental pollution, the Baiji Dolphin became extinct in 2007.

  1. Reed-throated Brown Chicken

The Reed-throated Brown Chicken was mainly distributed in the forested areas of northeastern China. It had a unique appearance, and during the breeding season, the males had bright red wattles, and their tails would fan out like a peacock. Due to the development of logging, its habitat was encroached upon, and the wild Reed-throated Brown Chicken became extinct in China. It is one of the top ten extinct animals.

  1. Formosan Clouded Leopard

The Formosan Clouded Leopard was a feline species unique to Taiwan, and was also the largest carnivorous wild animal in Taiwan. They were agile and good at hiding. However, due to excessive hunting by humans and the destruction of their habitats, the Formosan Clouded Leopard became extinct in 1972.

  1. Chinese rhinoceros

The Chinese rhinoceros is not a species of rhinoceros, but rather a population of the Indian, Javan, and Sumatran rhinoceros that lived in China. It used to be distributed in various southern provinces of China. However, due to excessive hunting by humans, it became extinct as early as the early 20th century. It is one of the top ten extinct animals.

  1. Xinjiang tiger

The Xinjiang tiger, also known as the Lop Nur tiger, primarily lived in the surrounding countries of the Caspian Sea and the Lop Nur region of Xinjiang, China. The earliest records of the Xinjiang tiger date back to the Loulan ancient kingdom, when tigers and humans lived together in Lop Nur. However, this tiger was recognized as extinct in 1979, after the Loulan ancient kingdom was buried by the desert.

  1. California Cat Fox

The California sea mink is a type of fox, but its facial features are more like a cat. It is also a very nocturnal carnivore and runs very quickly. In order to obtain its fur, many people hunted and killed this animal in large numbers, leading to its extinction in 1903.

  1. Arctic wolf

The Arctic wolf is highly regarded and is the only pure white wolf in the world. Its appearance is very beautiful, but its beauty is both a natural gift and its curse. The demand for animal fur is very high during the cold winter climate in North America, and this beautiful animal was the first to be targeted. It eventually became extinct in 1911.

  1. Passenger pigeon

The population of passenger pigeons was once in the billions, which attracted the attention of European immigrants. The passenger pigeon became the cheapest meat and an essential food on the tables of the poor, and was also used as feed. After more than a hundred years of hunting, the passenger pigeon became extinct.

  1. Florida scrub-jay

The Florida scrub-jay is a colorful bird of prey that mainly feeds on the remains of North American bison. After European immigrants hunted North American bison in large numbers, the Florida scrub-jay lost its source of food and eventually became extinct in 1800 due to hunting and food shortages.

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