Top 10 Terrifying Foods in the World, Frog Juice Makes the List, and the 9th Has Been Banned from Consumption

Top 10 Terrifying Foods in the World, Frog Juice Makes the List, and the 9th Has Been Banned from Consumption

Top 10 Terrifying Foods in the World, Frog Juice Makes the List, and the 9th Has Been Banned from Consumption

Different countries and ethnic groups have different lifestyles, eating habits, and food preparation methods. Some foods in certain regions may not be familiar to us or even heard of. The world has countless delicacies, some of which are delicious, while others are horrifying and nauseating. Below is a list of the top 10 most disgusting and terrifying foods in the world, so you can see what the most frightening cuisine in the world looks like.

Top 10 Terrifying Foods in the World

  1. Monkey Brains

Although it is not allowed to consume monkey brains in China, it is still a common practice in other remote and underdeveloped countries. Monkey brains involve fixing the monkey to a table and knocking open its skull with a sharp object. Once the ingredients are added, it is ready to be consumed. This method is extremely terrifying and cruel, and is also one of the top 10 banned dishes in the world.

2. Frog Juice

Frog juice is a common drink in Peru and is also one of the top 10 terrifying foods in the world. The method of preparation involves squeezing the frog into a paste and then filtering it. Many locals believe that frog juice can relieve fatigue and has a strengthening effect, making it a popular delicacy in Peru.

3. Rat Wine

Rat wine is a type of medicinal wine commonly found in Guangdong, China. It involves immersing newborn mice with unopened eyes in white wine that is heated to at least 60 degrees Celsius. The longer the wine is immersed, the better the quality. Many locals believe that it can prevent postpartum illnesses, and it is a medicine that many new mothers drink during their confinement period.

4. Casu Marzu

Casu marzu, also known as “live maggot cheese,” involves adding cheese fly larvae to the cheese to ferment. The fermentation process is considered successful only when the cheese has maggots growing inside. However, it is worth noting that this cheese has been banned for sale.

5. Kiviaq

Kiviaq is one of the foods that Eskimos enjoy and is also one of the top 10 cruel delicacies in the world. The main method is to kill immature sea birds and then put them into the body of a seal for fermentation. Although this method is time-consuming and labor-intensive, it is also one of the ways for residents in the Arctic Circle to supplement their vitamins.

6. Snake Wine

Snake wine is a popular traditional Chinese medicine wine that involves soaking various venomous snakes in white wine. Many people believe that snake wine has blood-circulating and pain-relieving effects, but because the toxicity of different snakes varies, it is important to consult a professional doctor before consuming it.

7. Fried Spiders

Fried spiders are a common snack in Cambodia. The main method is to fry tarantulas in hot oil until crispy, then add seasoning for consumption. They are popular in Cambodia due to their high protein content.

8. Hairy Eggs

Hairy eggs, also known as chicken embryo or partially-hatched eggs, are cooked by frying or steaming. However, because they may contain some parasites, consumption can lead to abdominal pain or vomiting.

9. Three Squeaks

Three Squeaks is one of China’s top ten banned foods. The main method is to catch newborn mice and clamp them with a red-hot iron chopstick, known for the “squeak” sound the mice make. However, due to the cruel and inhumane method, this food has disappeared.

10. Boiled Donkey Meat

Boiled donkey meat is also one of the world’s top ten terrifying foods. The main method is to tie up a live donkey, remove the skin of the desired body part, blanch it in a broth, and then cut it for consumption. Due to the cruel method, it is now banned for consumption.

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