Top 10 freaks of humanity – one with four legs, one with two penises

Top 10 freaks of humanity – one with four legs, one with two penises

As the name suggests, a freak is someone who looks very strange or deformed. The world is really full of surprises, and there are all kinds of freaks, such as women with four legs, two-headed people, and so on. Today, the editor has compiled for you the top ten freaks of humanity and their pictures, so that you can fully understand the colorful world.

1. Women with four legs

This can be said to be the freak of all freaks. As you can see from the picture above, this woman has four legs. I wonder if her walking and daily life will be affected by this. If she fights with someone, she will definitely have a huge advantage, with four legs compared to the other person’s two. The extra two legs originally belonged to an unseparated twin sister. The two smaller inner legs each connect to the outer thighs and form a pair.

2. Conjoined twins with very low survival rates

Conjoined twins, also known as Siamese twins, are a rare congenital malformation, occurring in only one case out of 50,000 to 100,000 pregnancies. Most conjoined twins die during the embryonic or fetal period, and only one in about 200,000 births survive. Such malformed conjoined twins can also be called freaks, but their survival rate is extremely low…

3. The freak with two penises

Does a man with two penises mean he can have sex with two women at the same time? Just thinking about it makes people happy. This freak with two penises was born in Portugal in 1983. His parents were normal people and had two other children. His profession is a “nudist patient,” which seems to be strictly prohibited by the medical profession. He has two normally functioning male organs and three scrotums, each of the two smaller scrotums having a testicle.

4. People with tails

Are there people with tails in the world? This phenomenon is called “atavism.” Atavism refers to the genetic phenomenon that some organisms occasionally exhibit ancestral traits. For example, in the order Diptera, the hind wings of insects have generally degenerated into balance sticks, but there are occasionally individuals with two pairs of wings. In humans, we occasionally see children with short tails, hairy people, women with multiple nipples, and so on. These phenomena indicate that human ancestors may have been animals with tails, hair, and multiple nipples. Therefore, atavism is also evidence of biological evolution.

5. Big-Headed Girl (head circumference of 91 centimeters)

An Indian infant suffered from hydrocephalus, causing her head to swell to 91 centimeters. Her parents sought help from the outside world. Rona Begum, now 18 months old, was born in a public hospital in Tripura state in northeastern India and was diagnosed with hydrocephalus within weeks of her birth. Doctors told Begum’s father, Abdul Rahman, that the baby girl needed to go to a specialized hospital in big cities like Kolkata. However, Rahman, now 18, earns only 150 rupees a day (about $2.75) at a brick factory and cannot afford to take his only daughter to the hospital. He told reporters on the 13th, “Since she was born, I have watched her head get bigger day by day… It’s very painful to see her suffer, and I pray for a miracle to happen.”

6. The Elephant Man

hMerrick, one of the top ten freaks in human history, was born in 1862. Due to physical abnormalities, his limbs grew abnormally large at the age of five. In 1884, he joined a circus where he was well-treated and earned a lot of money. While there, he had a doctor who would treat him and make arrangements for him to have a better life. We now know that Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man, actually had Proteus syndrome, not elephantiasis as was commonly believed at the time. Merrick died at the age of 27 from suffocation in his sleep.

7. The Half-Woman

Gabrielle Fuller was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1884. Her first circus performance was in 1900 at the Paris Exposition. She traveled with the Linz Brothers Circus on their “Dreamland on Coney Island” tour performing acrobatics. She was married at least twice, one of them being to a man named John de Fuller. She had a beautiful upper body, but it ended smoothly below the waist.

8. The Human Unicorn

In 1930, a Chinese farmer in Manchukuo was discovered by a Russian banker who was being expelled from the country. The Russian immediately took a photo of him and sent it to Robert Ripley’s “Believe it or Not?” column. All that is known is that the farmer’s surname was Wang or a surname similar in sound. Other than a fourteen-inch horn above the back of his head, he had a normal body. Ripley offered a huge reward for anyone who could provide information about Wang’s whereabouts, but he disappeared from public view since the 1930s and was never heard from again.

9. The Lion-Faced Boy

As for Lionel, his body was covered in six-inch-long hair. He was discovered by a German man at the age of four and became famous in Europe, earning him the nickname “Lionel” for his lion-like face. He was not exhibited as a beast but rather dressed in his best clothes and showed people that underneath the hair was a cultured person who could speak five languages and was lovable.

10. Camel Girl

I am called Camel Girl because my knees bend in the opposite direction and I can walk well on my hands and feet. For the past four and a half years, I have been touring with a circus troupe and now it’s already the year 1886. I plan to give up my circus career and switch to studying to prepare myself for another profession.

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