Evidence of the existence of giant humans surfaces: skeletons are large, standing over 2 meters tall

Evidence of the existence of giant humans surfaces: skeletons are large, standing over 2 meters tall

Evidence of the existence of giant humans surfaces: skeletons are large, standing over 2 meters tall.

After millions of years of evolution, humans have formed into their current form. However, during this timeline, has there ever truly been the existence of giant humans? Many people have speculated on this topic, and different countries have their own myths and legends about giants. Has there truly existed humans larger than our current size?

1. Excavation of giant skeletons

Starting in 2004, a group of photos of giant skeletons circulated online, claiming that archaeologists had unearthed the bones of a giant. However, it is unclear whether these photos are real or fake. In the photos, two archaeologists dressed in white are shown excavating a massive fossil similar to human bones from a pit.

Archaeologists are fascinated by the legend of American giants. According to one archaeologist’s research, there are many large mounds in the Midwest of the United States. After they were excavated in 1850, many remains were discovered, most of which were over 2 meters tall, and most had two rows of teeth, with some even having 6 fingers and 6 toes. Giants once existed on Earth, although most evidence suggests that the existence of giants cannot be ruled out.

2. Discovery of giant footprints in South Africa

Explorer Michael discovered a very clear giant footprint in granite in East Rand, South Africa. He firmly believes that giants have really existed in the world. The footprint is 1.2 meters long, and scientists estimate that the height of the giant who made it is about 7 to 7.5 meters. This evidence seems to really prove that giant humans once existed in the history of Earth’s development.

However, many scholars remain skeptical about the existence of this footprint because it is located on a rocky base. Rock formations are usually formed by the slow cooling of magma on the surface of the earth. Therefore, many scholars believe that this footprint was actually formed during the cooling of the rock and is actually a natural formation. The truth remains a mystery, and more comprehensive evidence is needed to prove its existence.

3. ICA stone carvings in South America

There is a small village called ICA in the northern part of the Lunascape Plain in South America. People have discovered many stones with carved patterns in the small hills around the village.

In 1960, a doctor began studying these ICA stones and collected 11,000 of them. These stones are believed to be thousands of years old and the patterns carved on them are shocking.

On these patterns, it is clear to see scenes where large dinosaurs are living with humans. In this picture, the dinosaurs seem to be as tame as if they are being raised by humans. However, dinosaurs were supposed to have disappeared over 100 million years ago. In that era, could these people have such a deep understanding of species such as dinosaurs? If not, how were these patterns carved?

Although evidence can prove that giant creatures have indeed existed in the world, whether they truly existed as giant humans remains unclear.

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