Parasites crawling into a lizard’s eyes, elephants attempting to mate with rhinoceroses, rare 33 photos.

Parasites crawling into a lizard's eyes, elephants attempting to mate with rhinoceroses, rare 33 photos.

Parasites crawling into a lizard’s eyes, elephants attempting to mate with rhinoceroses, rare 33 photos.

  1. A wildcat leaping high to successfully kill a flying bird. The wildcat is known as a “bird addict”. When hunting birds, the wildcat is more patient than when hunting other small animals. Although the success rate of catching birds is only 10%, the wildcat is willing to spend a lot of time trying. The wildcat is clean when eating and does not eat animal organs. However, when eating birds, it plucks off the feathers and swallows the internal organs along with the bird in one gulp.

2. A peregrine falcon catching a sandpiper in the water. Did you know that the biggest threat to peregrine falcons is actually pesticides? Pesticides can cause many birds to become poisoned, making them easy prey for peregrine falcons. Eating too many birds poisoned by pesticides can cause peregrine falcons to become infertile, with deformed fetuses, or even death.


3. A lizard camouflaging itself as a tree branch. A dragonfly, tired from flying, chooses to rest on the “branch”. As a result, the dragonfly becomes a meal in the lizard’s belly.

4. A cobra burnt to death by a wildfire. Although the cobra is dead, its skeleton still looks majestic and awe-inspiring.

5. Brazilian police are patrolling on American bison. It looks cool, but it is extremely risky. Once the American bison gets angry, it can become unstoppable, causing property damage or even casualties.

6. Eucalyptus deglupta, also known as the rainbow eucalyptus, is the only eucalyptus tree found in the northern hemisphere. It can grow up to 70 meters tall and is known for its rainbow-colored bark.

7. The pronghorn is a unique North American animal that can run at a speed of over 500 meters per minute. It has a large appetite and mainly eats lizards, insects, and sometimes rattlesnakes.

8. A spotted hyena is taking down a zebra. The spotted hyena has a success rate of up to 85% in hunting because it preys on weak and sick animals or directly steals prey from lions, leopards, cheetahs, and other predators.

9. A fox is carrying prey in its mouth. Foxes are beautiful animals, but they do not belong to the cat family and are instead members of the dog family.

10. A tiger has killed a leopard. Looking at the leopard alone, it seems strong and powerful. However, when compared to a tiger, the leopard appears weak and helpless.

11. A crow has killed a bird. Crows are omnivorous and know how to use passing vehicles to crack open nuts. They also know how to steal and eat young birds when adult birds are away.

12. A wolf mother is teaching her cubs how to howl. Wolves are social animals and are also strong when hunting alone.

13. Two cheetahs are tearing apart a gazelle. Cheetahs can run at a speed of up to 110 kilometers per hour, making them the fastest land animals.

14. A serpent eagle is carrying a snake while flying. The serpent eagle’s beak is very sharp and can easily tear open snake skin.

15. Two sea eagles are plotting to kill a small wild boar. The Philippine eagle is the world’s largest bird of prey, followed by the American bald eagle.

16. A male lion is cutting grass and eliminating roots to get rid of potential threats from the African wild dog. However, the wild dog will not hesitate to kill any lion it can, and similarly, lions will kill any wild dog they can.

17. The palm nut vulture, a plant-eating raptor, loves to eat fruits from oil palm and coconut trees. However, when it can’t find any fruit, it will also eat small animals such as rodents and snakes.

18. The American badger digs and burrows to catch ground squirrels. They are very intelligent and know how to hide and store their food in the soil.

19. Don’t be fooled by what appears to be a withered leaf, as it is actually a butterfly that has evolved to look like a withered leaf.

20. Under the cover of night, a leopard catches a rabbit. China also has leopards, which are a nationally protected animal.

21. The fishing cat hunts in the water. As a feline that primarily eats fish, its paws have evolved to have webbing to help it swim and walk in water.

22. An American tiger is flipping over an alligator. The bite force of the American tiger is greater than that of tigers and lions, making it the top of the feline family.

23. A peregrine falcon hunts sparrows in the snow. Both of these birds are common in China and are protected animals.

24. The North American river otter is eating a crunchy crocodile. Although it may appear cute, the North American river otter is actually very ferocious.

25. To aquatic animals, the egret is like a devil. Egrets eat all sorts of small aquatic animals, such as snakes and frogs.

26. Sumatran rhinoceroses have curly hair on their bodies. At first glance, I thought these two rhinoceroses had been burnt to a crisp…

27. Don’t ask if goats are afraid of falling off cliffs when they climb up high. Underneath the mountain cliffs, there are many goats that have died from falls.

28. A giraffe and a raccoon communicate, bridging the gap between species.

29. A heron caught a big fish, but it has a hard time swallowing it due to the fish’s large head.

30. A jade bird is holding a centipede in its mouth. In addition to fish, the jade bird also catches mice, centipedes, spiders, and other prey, making it an omnivorous bird.

31. An elephant wants to play with a rhinoceros…

32. Two parasites crawled into a lizard’s eyes, giving off a horror movie vibe. Are you scared of such a scene?

33. Great animal parents. Parents all over the world are compassionate and great, and we salute you for your selflessness and greatness!

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